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    Coilovers help please..

    definetly KW !!! but not WEITEC :) (i know it's the same manufacturer)
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    Coilovers help please..

    I would advise you on Bilstein B16/PSS10. They can be set to the standard height and, in comparison to other dampening adjusting coilovers, the dampening adjustment is not continuous but in 10 precise stages. Even more, I managed to raise my car even higher than standard last winter by about...
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    S3 Haldex in the wet

    I'm quite sure that there is actually a 2.7 bi-turbo engine lying under that bonet ;) @Dazzeroo: did you release the clutch all at once from fully pressed ? The first start i had in my S3 was from 4k rpm and the clutch half pressed, and resulted in clutch slipping all the way to rev limit. The...
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    Denso Iridium Spark Plugs

    I have installed NKG Iridium IX 2 months ago after experiencing misfires at idle quite often. After first replacing the ignition coils the misfires disappeared for a couple of weeks (no idea why) but returned on another cylinder so I went for new spark plugs although the old ones had about...