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  1. nikolai briton

    MPSS problems, advice would be appriciated!

    Hi guys haven't posted much recently as I have been abroad, but last months I changed my stock Pirelli's to MPSS or Pilot sports 4's cant remember the name but by accident my front's were ordered with a thicker profile so instead of 30's I got 35 now the problem is my front's scrape like mad on...
  2. nikolai briton

    Service Intervals

    when I bought mine from new 3 months ago my service indicator is still showing a service is only due at 16500 miles very strange
  3. nikolai briton

    Rs sports exhaust help

    Yes they are, miltek secondary cat bypass pipes are installed instead of the cats 5 minute job mate!
  4. nikolai briton


    jeez never even put myself on this list Sandra pop me on it when you have the time Aldershot Audi RS3 8V
  5. nikolai briton

    Wash mitt

    like already mentioned above DOOKA washpad, I know the owner very well and have seen how he makes them, trust me that should be the only thing touching your precious paintwork, noodle mitts are ok however do not hold as much suds as a pad and also on a dirty car the MF noodles get clogged way to...
  6. nikolai briton

    Rs sports exhaust help

    thanks mate I should be expecting similar gains then!
  7. nikolai briton

    Rs sports exhaust help

    really?! I didn't realise it was that much or is it a joke?
  8. nikolai briton

    Rs sports exhaust help

    everything will be the same but just louder!
  9. nikolai briton

    Rs sports exhaust help

    Yep ive got it and personally I think there is a big difference as you removed 2 things which deaden then sound once its fully run in and nice carbon in the new pipe it will sound pretty nice! I definitely think its worth the money mate
  10. nikolai briton

    Confused over final stages.

    When applying a ceramic coat to your new car DO NOT put any glazes or anything else on first as this will interfere with the bonding of the Silica and Silane components! All that will be required is ceramic coating and your favourite choice of wax! Anything else you would like to know drop me a...
  11. nikolai briton

    Audi RS3 8V catastrophic engine failure at 70mph.

    Yeah take it back mate, don't forget these cars are ran by electric boards now so if they replaced the one thing that was causing the problem I would take it back straight away! How is the S6 in terms of power compared to the RS3?
  12. nikolai briton

    Audi RS3 8V catastrophic engine failure at 70mph.

    Glad your okay brother, did a mini poo just reading that ****.....
  13. nikolai briton

    Best Tyre Dressing

    No tyre dressing will sling its all in the prep and the application process! However seeing as I have used every tyre dressing known to man, the 2 best that work for me is 1) megs endurance 2) KKD Tyrosol KKD tyrosol being my favourite as it last for a very long time, a little goes a long way...
  14. nikolai briton

    Show Us Your 'Flake Pop' Shots

    different angles to catch all the flake for all of you keen eyed detailers ;)
  15. nikolai briton

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    thanks boys!
  16. nikolai briton

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    0 defects! Enjoy
  17. nikolai briton

    Fitted New Tarox Rear Discs Today

    Looks great mate! how much were they and is it a big job?
  18. nikolai briton

    Chip tuning

    I have had there boxes on every car that I have had not 1 problem yet and as for money back I am not sure as to why you would want money back as its an amazing product
  19. nikolai briton

    Practicality-how real?

    I don't have kids but if my boot is packed to the brim it can hold a lot of stuff you can also use backseats as storage IF required