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  1. stoakseya4

    S4 Engine and RS6 turbos

    Do you think there'd be much of a demand/market for an S4 engine c/w RS6 turbos, 3" DPs (with flanges to suit the turbos), FMIC etc? I'm thinking of a new project on my track car involving an engine swap, so the above items might be for sale. The engine would fit into the Passat, but other...
  2. stoakseya4

    Looking for 1.8T Tuning Info

    I'm looking for info on an engine swap from a B5 S4 (Pre FL - 1998) for a possibly stroked 1.8T, to save further weight in my track car. Similar to the 034 TA car, but not to that level of specs/cost. Badger 5 have been recommended. Anyone else? Any links you guys can forward me for tis...
  3. stoakseya4

    Carbon Mirror Covers

    Hi guys Do you know nyone that supplies the above for the facelift S4/the RS4 ? Having trouble finding anything... Cheers.
  4. stoakseya4


    MRC are having a Rolling Road session in their new premises next weekend. BBQ too. Fancy a ride in a 700+ bhp S4, or a 700bhp C6 RS6 ?
  5. stoakseya4

    Anyone live around Banbury/Oxford?

    MRC Rolling Road Weekend next weekend Maybe get a ride out in an S/RS car (B5, B7, C5, C6). Want to see a 700+bhp S4 ? A 700bhp C6 RS6 ? BBQ during the Saturday. Open Sunday too.
  6. stoakseya4

    MRC Rolling Road Day

    Happening next weekend Saturday and Sunday, to celebrate the installation of their newdyno, and moving to a new premises. If you're interested in S/RS cars (B5, B7, C5 and C6) and potentially having a ride in some, then come along. BBQ during the day too. Being held at MRC in Banbury...
  7. stoakseya4

    Wanted: Recaro Pole Position Seats

    Appreciate there aren't many around, but I'm after a set ideally with the subframes as well. PM me if you have a set or know anyone looking to perhaps make a few quid! Ta
  8. stoakseya4

    Modded Face Lift S4 Wanted

    Hi I'm looking to part ex my RS4 for an S4 saloon (face lift), which has some choice mods already. Not bothered about whether it has K04s or not, as I have RS6 turbos to replace them with anyway. Ideally looking for IM, Y-pipe, Coilies, exhaust, changed over already. I'll be doing alot...
  9. stoakseya4

    Looking for a Modded S4 Saloon

    Hi I'm selling my RS4, and looking for a clean modded S4, possibly as part ex for mine, with cash obviously my way. Let me know (PM) if you have anything that fits the bill. Ta...
  10. stoakseya4

    Wanted B5 RS4 Parts

    As above. Looking for wings, doors, rear quarters... Ta
  11. stoakseya4

    B5 RS4 Parts Wanted

    As above. Looking for doors, wings, rear quarters... Ta
  12. stoakseya4

    Leather Seat Bolsters

    Hi I'm looking for some detailer in Kent, that can sort out the leather (drfiver's) bolster of my Recaro's? The driver's side is basically just showing its age. No rips or tears. have applied a fair bit of leather care stuff, but doesn't really make it any better? have some photos of...
  13. stoakseya4

    Something for the Weekend :hubbahubba:
  14. stoakseya4

    Something for the Weekend :weight_lift2:
  15. stoakseya4

    Something for the Weekend :faint:
  16. stoakseya4

    Something for the Weekend :hubbahubba:
  17. stoakseya4

    Something for the Weekend Enjoy... :anbet:
  18. stoakseya4

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

    I've just placed an ad in the classifieds (Interior) for a VW Golf Mk5 Flat bottom leather steering wheel if you're interested. Was going to fit to my RS4 (nicer than the B7 RS4 one IMO), but am gonna put the proceeds towards either some new wheels or some larger (3") DPs, or indeed the...
  19. stoakseya4

    Porsche Brakes

    I might be selling my Porsche Cayenne front brakes. PM me if interested. Watch out for the ad in classifieds shortly. Will be calipers/discs/pads... Ta
  20. stoakseya4

    Porsche Brakes

    Might be selling my Porsche front brakes. Watch out for the ad in the classifieds shortly. PM me if interested. Will be discs/callipers/pads. TA