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  1. daVolian

    A3 8PA - Weird noise when steering

    Hello all, So as the title states, I am having some annoying noises/sounds when steering at low speeds (10-20km/h). The noise isn't there if I steer while the car is not moving. It's a rather low frequency and constant sound. I have an A3 8PA (2008) with manual transmission. This started the...
  2. daVolian

    A3 8PA - Aftermarket HU - Ignition

    Thanks a lot! Well, this is the schematic I have for the player But thanks for the info, that should help!
  3. daVolian

    A3 8PA - Aftermarket HU - Ignition

    Hello all, I am a new member so hi there. I own an A3 8PA, 2008 model. I recently installed an aftermarket HU, a JVC, replacing my Concert 3 (I think). Anyway, at this moment the aftermarket HU has to be manually turned on/off since that action won't be done with the help of the ignition. Now...