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    Battery range

    As you might expect, predicted range and actual range depend on driving conditions. My overnight charge on the supplied 13A charger gives a '21 mile' range on the indication. My daily commute is 15 miles. In the summer this was easily achieved in EV, even with a little bumper to bumper crawling...
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    Used e-tron questions

    I have one new 3 months ago. Build quality excellent. Absolutely no issues so far (touch wood). I would point out a couple of things. First look at the thread on battery range EV only. You will be disappointed I fear. I use the ordinary 13amp socket overnight and it gives me 21 miles indicated...
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    A3 E-tron mpg so far

    I'm not sure you are deducting your EV miles to calculate the petrol consumption. As you've found "a few extra 100mi... mainly EV trips " and your mpg goes up. If we only did EV trips this calculation would give you infinite mpg. Thanks for the tip re hybrid hold. I'll try that. I've had the...
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    A3 E-tron mpg so far

    I would be interested in precisely how you are calculating those figures. After 3 weeks ownership I've done my sums and I am disappointed. Typically I will do several days of short all electric trips then 100 miles home on motorways, hybrid hold, and then a few more days of short electric trips...
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    Charging Timer Help continue (sorry. Fast fingers) ..."destination" is the translation of whatever is used to refer to finish time. Now apply the same logic to charging. The time you set is the FINISH time VDT.
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    Charging Timer Help

    I've solved my own problem. You need to read the handbook very carefully re setting timers. Read about setting the a/c first (clearly the more important one) and note that "destination" is
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    Charging Timer Help

    I can't seem to use the timer to delay the start of charging. Even if I just set one period -to sync with economy 7 - as soon as I lock the car it starts charging immediately. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Problems adding my vehicle to the Audi Portal

    No issues at all. Then put the app on my phone and Bob's your uncle. In 43 yrs of motoring I have not yet forgotten where I parked, but there may be a first for everything, I am getting older. Remote start up of the a/c is so cool (sorry), but probably more useful in the winter to have it...