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  1. mk1chopper

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Love it, looking forward to the full write up.
  2. mk1chopper

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Looking good, might have to come to Audi driver to see this on track although it will be hard to beat the entertainment of jo's drifting skills. If you were to uni bond the skid plates on I'd recommend cutting groves into the ply where you intend to stick them but this could lead to chunks of...
  3. mk1chopper

    New S3 Owner - Few simple Q's!

    Here's a link to help you out
  4. mk1chopper

    New S3 Owner - Few simple Q's!

    With regard to question 3 this sounds like the headlight motor has failed, if it was one of the level sensors both lights would drop down or fail to adjust, if it s just one this is probably something in the headlight itself. If the level sensors have failed this will also show up when scanned...
  5. mk1chopper

    Rear caliper/hand brake

    Sounds like you might need to bleed the system/change the brake fluid, that would be where I would start if you need to pump the pedal.
  6. mk1chopper

    Audi S3 door blade trim coming off!

    If you can remove the nylon insert without damaging it then unibond/glue the inserts back into the trim and then slide back on. The nylon insert should slide off. The screws that corroded hold the blade in place you might need to replace these with self tapers
  7. mk1chopper

    ASN's Pub

    lol not really what I meant, we've got a WW2 Jeep, Dodge Ambulance, and Half Track as are wedding vehicles which are owned by the other halfs brothers and Uncle, which we wont have to pay to use.
  8. mk1chopper

    ASN's Pub

    My sister and brother in law got married in Thailand, the cost of the wedding was 1k then it was just the cost of 3 weeks holiday in Thailand.If you have it abroad you can invite everyone they just have to get them selves out there. So far I've got mine coming in at about 6k I think, although...
  9. mk1chopper

    Are facelift and pre-facelift wing mirrors different?

    There is subtle differences between the facelift and pre facelift, best thing to do is just order the wing mirror glass direct from Audi, they dont cost that much and you'll be getting the right part.
  10. mk1chopper

    Audi S3 needed for filming/Fifth Gear TV show (UK)

    The Bravo looks good and has a good spec but the steering feel is horrible (i.e. very light no feed back), the seats offer no support (if its not the sport model), I dont no about the 2.0 but the power delivery of the older 1.9 is very laggy.
  11. mk1chopper

    HELP with rumbling noise....S3 experts needed!

    No you have to remove the subframe to drop the gearbox and inspect the flywheel, a brand new clutch, dmf flywheel and slave cylinder will cost about £900 fitted from a good specalist.
  12. mk1chopper

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    If you ever go down the 4wd route you should go rallying with it.
  13. mk1chopper

    The greatest TV or Movie lines or Quotes of all time?

    "Get to the chopper" Arnie - Predator
  14. mk1chopper

    S3 8L vs A3 3.2 v6

    Drive both and see which you prefer. A well looked after S3 shouldnt be any more expensive to keep on the road than an 8p A3 3.2, its just finding a well looked after S3 as theres plenty of dogs out there these days because there cheap to buy, but the same principle applies to the 3.2
  15. mk1chopper

    Formula one 2013

    Im split on what to make of that race, the best bit was Webber and Seb racing that was great to watch. What made me laugh is Mark was quicker than Seb, he proved that when Seb was unable to pass him and moaned to his team asking him to get out the way. I can understand where the team was coming...
  16. mk1chopper

    Just bought an S3 but there are a couple of niggles...

    The cat bash plate can some times rattle as the studs corrode and it becomes loose. There might be a repair kit for this although i just removed mine.
  17. mk1chopper

    Something not quite right?! S3 advert.

    Clutch on my S3 when I had went at 100k, well the slave cylinder failed at 100k which is a gear box off job so clutch which was pretty worn was replaced at the same time along with the duel mass flywheel. I believe the cambelt is every 60k or 5 years which ever comes first. If it has been...
  18. mk1chopper

    Something not quite right?! S3 advert.

    The high milage probably puts people off, and at the end of the day petrol prices are putting people of performance cars. It could also be the case that although the engine has been maintained well, the suspension could be in need of an overhall, it could need new tyres soon or new brake discs...
  19. mk1chopper

    lifting the back of the bonnet to let hot air out

    In principal I was correct, higher pressure will want to go to low pressure, but I hadnt taken into account higher pressure at the base of the windscreen. One question though if air is being forced in due to the high pressue at the base of the wind, is the air being forced in cooler than the air...
  20. mk1chopper

    lifting the back of the bonnet to let hot air out

    It must have some effect whilst moving, hot air under the bonnet will have a higher pressure than the air flowing over the bonnet, the high presure air will want to go to the low pressure air, the gap at the back should act as a heat extractor. If you fit bonnet vents they dont force cold air...