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  1. Dodgygtr

    Saloon IE Exhaust

    Can’t wait to hear this exhaust as it could be on my list as soon as it’s out. Plus they use there own exhaust valves so hopefully no rattle, only issue is silver tips but I’m sure they can be painted or find someone to make titanium tips.
  2. Dodgygtr

    Awesome GTi TTrs

    It’s gone 9.5 today with its hybrid turbo stage 3 car. Is it time to go Stage 3 with the rs3
  3. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Custom intake

  4. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Apr Stage2

    Just a quick vid plus I had APR springs fitted too.
  5. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Anyone make their own intake?

    Going to get a friend to make me one instead of getting a carbon one as I’m not bothered about carbon and the extra cost. It will be Ally or Titanium but not sure yet as cost will come into it. Prob make it open to the air or maybe like the leyo one with a Ally cover.
  6. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Another one stolen

  7. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Apr stage 2!!!!

    Is anyone getting it done? I don’t know if I should wait till the downpipes are in the uk which will be feb/March time if I can get hold of one or just just fit another make downpipe and just get the remap for £300 ish
  8. Dodgygtr

    Saloon APR stock turbo qtr mile record

    9.93 that’s not bad Stage 2 looks good
  9. Dodgygtr

    Sportback Stolen car today

    just incase someone has seen it. Time for some more security I think and a shotgun.
  10. Dodgygtr

    Facelift Waze on CarPlay is working

    :rockwoot: Just updated my iPhone not tried it on the Audi but works on the Skoda’s
  11. Dodgygtr

    Saloon APR Remap next week

    So I’ve pulled the plug and getting a Wagner intercooler, filter and remap to stage 1 on Thursday so I’ll see what all the fuse is about. Planning on induction kit but they don’t have any in stock so I’ll fit at a later date.
  12. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Pressure sensors

    i need 4 new pressure sensors for my new wheels, Audi want almost £380 for them. Anyone know the cheapest place to buy them?
  13. Dodgygtr

    Saloon New wheels have arrived

    New Volks Ultras in Gold have arrived for my car still be a few weeks before I get them fitted as I need tyres, bolts, pressure sensors and ceramic coating on them but can’t wait to fit them. Tyres will be 245/35/19 Michelin pilot sport 4’s as I don’t think 255 will fit! Wheels are 8.5/19 38offset
  14. Dodgygtr

    Another stolen RS3

    Friend of a friends RS3 was stolen from Blackpool area over the weekend. Thankfully it had a tracker fitted and was found in Liverpool on different plates. No damages except drilled out locks. Time for some more security
  15. Dodgygtr

    Saloon First problem with new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyone had a leaking tyre? Almost where the arrows meet in the seam............. I had to put it in the bath to find it. Phoning Audi tomorrow as it was too late today to phone not bad for 350miles lol
  16. Dodgygtr

    Facelift Revozports carbon

  17. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Pressure sensors

    Has anyone cloned the pressure sensors? I’m fitting different wheels and buying new sensors for them so I can just swop them over, just wonder if anyone has done this?
  18. Dodgygtr

    Litchfield tuning

    Looking forward to seeing the end results, I wasn’t going to map mine but that might change lol
  19. Dodgygtr

    Saloon Wheel sizes

    What size wheels and offset do I need for 19 and 20 inch wheel. And the best tyre size for those wheels. Looking at wheel now as I want to have them ordered before the car turns up next year so plenty of time. Not planning on lowering the car and don’t want to compromise handling too much.