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    Headliner removal

    Anyone dropped their headliner in search of rattles have any tips? Or maybe someone with Erwin access that could share the official procedure? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sold Racingline Carbon Rear Brace 8V S3/RS3

    Perfect condition Racingline carbon rear brace for 8V A3/S3/RS3 purchased early this year, still have original box and all fixtures and fittings present. Requirement for full through load again forces sale and will be a pain constantly removing and reinstalling otherwise. Great little mod for...
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    Is it normal to have some misfires with an otherwise well-performing car? it is now just passed 3k miles on the clock. I have been doing some logging and just generally looking at numbers and I can see some "live data" for the number of misfires on each cylinder so I screenshotted the counts on...
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    Creaking suspension

    Since having a run in service done the other week I have had a loud creaking from the front suspension.. is there anything common that happens on these ? Nothing was adjusted or touched on the service aside from oil/filter. On my last golf R I had a similar thing that resulted in having half...
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    CETE Valve controller something to take into consideration before you buy.

    Had my CETE valve controller on my RS3 for a month now and today it decided to malfunction in the worst of ways possible. At 70 mph on a dual carriageway the engine shut off as if start stop enabled when you come to a stop, you can imagine how dangerous and scary this can be especially when...
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    Hunting idle when warm

    Noticed the rpm hunting a bit again today after driving the car for a bit and it has done it both times i had stopped. Have seen it before a couple weeks ago but generally it does not do it, it is only climbing by around 100-200 rmp and goes back down again this only seems to happen when warm...
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    Forge Turbo inlet

    Has anyone done any testing with the inlet and fitment to other aftermarket intake systems ? i know they offer a hard pipe to fit with the standard air box but i already have the 034 Motorsport system just not sure if it will or not?
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    Wagner evo 1

    While looking at various tuning options either jb4 or a stage 1 from the likes of revo ect am I correct in thinking the standard intercooler does not fair well? if so is the Wagner evo 1 a good drop in option that will cope well without having to alter crash bar and other parts of the front end?
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    Who is using a JB4 and whats is your experience with it on the RS3? I have previous experience with them on the Golf R
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    19 Rs3 Intake

    Hi guys, What are my options for intakes that dont cost 1k+ i know there is no performance benefit in the real world with most especially on stock mapping i'm just looking for some intake sounds.
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    New to RS3 Ownership need Advice on sunroof issue

    Hi Guys, Had my 69 plate RS3 for just over a week now before purchase noticed a knock sound from the sunroof when going over bigger bumps or spirited cornering was advised that it was a know issue and just required a thicker grease for the runners well fast forward to today a week and a bit...