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    Poor seats in S-line

    I have some of these problems. My B6 S4 has side bolsters which dig into my left thigh too much and the pedals are too far back. I've just learnt to live with it. Sorry.
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    FSi S4

    Interestingly, the Q7 4.2 is the FSI from launch but it is only putting out 345 bhp (or PS?). The economy looks pretty good though. Therefore, hopefully my next S4 will have a better range than the current ones.
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    Good deal for S4

    6 months is normal. I said ok as you are paying on the money for what you are getting. FWIW I paid £32.5k for a ten month old one at 3k miles earlier this year from a main dealer. So £3-4k depreciation pa retail to retail is about right.
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    Good deal for S4

    timwiti Welcome - there's a few of use S4 owners up here in Scotland. I've got two S4 Avants', one with BOSE and one without and I can't tell the difference in sound quality. I think its because the Symphony unit is so good. £29k is ok and red looks great.
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    S4 substitute?

    I would have thought you would get an 03 03 S4 for £28k quite easily. With their 19k mileage service intervals they are not too expensive to keep on the road and any 03 is likely to have been recently serviced. FWIW, trade on an 03 is c£25k. You'll find one if you look hard enough!
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    What's DIS?

    Range is excellent but DIS does'nt include distance travelled and the average mpg overstates mpg by about 7-10%. I guess this is to make you feel better!
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    Standard spec

    Leather, metallic, front armrest, 6CD, heated seats, parking sensors, memory seats and auto-dip mirrors are options often fitted. Standard spec is ok but worse than S3 and TT. The spec for the B7 S4 on the Audi website is pretty much the same as B6.
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    New Audi A6 Avant - still not a practical family car (>2 kids)?

    I have two kids in ISOFIX seats in the back of a B6 S4 Avant and the room in the middle would not fit anyone in. We tried an A8 and again there was not enough room in the middle for anyone else. The problem as you say is the positioning of the ISOFIX brackets. You may be forced into a people...
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    Retro-fittable options

    Re point 2, the B6 S4 handbook says that it is possible.
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    S4 Handling

    I just think that the B5 RS4 is a very old car now but is still v expensive. Two year old S4 or five year old RS4 for the same money? Easy choice for me as I find the B6 S4 plenty fast enough. IMHO the estate is the best choice. Lots of room and most people hav'nt got a clue what just flew past.
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    S4 Handling

    a) Suspension on 19" wheels too hard for me on the BMW but handled great (it was dry though); b) B6 is much better than the B5 (my B5 used to scare me); c) Yes at low speeds but fine at high speeds. I sold my Impreza WRX to buy a 2nd B6 S4 as the the 'rally car' had such fast turn in that I was...
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    Good deal for S4

    That price is fine. Trade at one year old is c£27k, two years £23/24k & £20k at three years. So over two years you would lose c£11k retail to trade. Enjoy...and welcome to another S4 owner in Scotland (tanking it down at the mo!).
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    Towbar for S4

    Saw a B6 S4 saloon today with a towbar on. Dealer name on the plates was Camerons in Perth. Nice guys - got one of my S4 Avant's there.
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    Climate control ; 18 or 16 degrees lowest setting?

    I have both 03MY and 04MY S4's and have asked the same question of my dealer - no was the answer!
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    Tyre Noise

    The noise is quite normal - worse on smooth roads. What other tyres have Audi approved for the S4?
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    Should I but a S4?

    Afraid not. My wife drives the 03 and I drive the 04. Getting a Boxster S tomorrow for the sun. First ever P car - never thought I would. It will be interesting to compare it to the S4's, however, I think I allready know the answer - better in the dry, worse in the wet!
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    Should I but a S4?

    Enjoy the drive to Hull
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    Should I but a S4?

    I must be light footed, never had less than 240 miles.
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    Should I but a S4?

    Your going from a gruff 4 cylinder to a wonderful V8. There is so much torque low down that you don't need to go through 5k revs much. On a gentle cruise 27-28mpg is possible (15 when hammered!).
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    Should I but a S4?

    Its not too cheap, its about right. I paid £32.5k recently for an 04 Avant with <5 miles. I've also got an 03 S4 Avant and find the DIS on the 03 is about right whereas the one on the 04 overreads by 1.5-2.0mpg. To help you choose, the 03MY have a 66 litre tank and the 04MY 63 litres, the 04...