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    Moving to an A6 Sport from A7 S-line

    I'm saying goodbye to my much loved A7 50 S-Line and buying a second hand A6 40 Sport (4K). I need boot space (we got a dog since) and given the state of the world right now, I didn't want to take on another high value lease. While I'm sure I'll be happy with the A6, the sport styling isn't...
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    2018 TDI 50 dump valve?

    with all the hot weather i drove home today with my windows down to let the hot air out of my car. As i drove off and let my foot off the throttle, i heard what i can only describe as the sound of a dump valve. this only happened at certain revs, but i was surprised. Have audi put some sort...
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    2018 A7 and 21 inch wheels

    I'll be collecting my new a7 on Tuesday. Ahead of this i've been reading a few articles which state that the 21 inch wheels ruin the ride. Mine has 21 rims and i'm now worried. Anyone own the a7 with the 21 inch wheels? What are your thoughts?
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    Junction / lane info on mmi nav

    Went for my first long drive in the a4 today. Really impressed with many things about the mmi nav and traffic system, although there is one thing like to change. As you approach a junction, roundabout or lane change the instruction appears on the mmi (or vc). This is a graphical representation...
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    New A4 - Audi Connect Issues

    Long time lurker, decided to register as I took delivery of my new A4 today. (spec below) Almost everything works as expected with the exception of audi connect. I have the tech pack and the online data services work as expected. I registered the VIN on myAudi and had a PIN generated for me...