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  1. aprilia dude

    Pick up trucks

    thinking of buying a pick up for knocking around.. what make do you recommend and what should I avoid for around the 7k to 10k mark .. mitsibushi , Nissan , Isuzu, ford , Toyota etc And it will be automatic
  2. aprilia dude

    The jukebox in media

    I've loaded a lot of albums into the jukebox.. however I can't get the tracks to play in album order plays in alphabetical order .. so if I'm playing a story like war of the worlds or frozen soundtrack for my daughter it's not in order.!! The random box I've tried ticked and unticked .. Any...
  3. aprilia dude

    iPod connection

    is it possible to connect an iPod to the mmi .. if so is it done by the USB or aux cable ? Having brain strain with this new mmi and audi connect thing !!
  4. aprilia dude

    Fuel poll

    if you have an S model What do you put in it ?
  5. aprilia dude

    Interesting read Scary that it's a simple device .... and bye bye car !!
  6. aprilia dude

    Dash cams

    looking for advice on which is the best dash cam ..and is it best to hard wire it in or is there no need ..
  7. aprilia dude

    Water repellent products

    which are the the best water repellent products that people use .. I'm currently using auto glym extra gloss protection ... and autoglym gloss rinse .. Is there anything better out there ? I've seen something on YouTube where they chuck muddy water over a Nissan and it doesn't stick to it .!
  8. aprilia dude

    B9 drivers

    feel free to join my Facebook page Audi b9 drivers
  9. aprilia dude

    Fuel choice

    what fuel do you use in your s4 Regular petrol or The higher octane v-power or equivalent
  10. aprilia dude

    Wheel sizes

    are the wheel sizes the same on the b9 as on the b8 .. ie the ET and CB I have Audi rotors 19 inch ET 43 which are coming off my b8 Quattro and wondered if they will fit an s4 b9
  11. aprilia dude

    Some S4 questions

    1/anyone know why the transmission is now a torque converter and not s tronic, 2/ is the engine twin or single turbo 3/ what's the ins and outs of Audi connect ie in terms of billing and data usage etc and how does it work
  12. aprilia dude


    What you getting on a daily basis
  13. aprilia dude

    S4 car tax

    how much is a years tax on the new b9
  14. aprilia dude

    Car play iPhone

    has anyone got CarPlay working on iPhone 6 .!
  15. aprilia dude

    Dash cams

    im thinking about a dash cam and was wondering if anyone has installed one .. If so is the best way to hard wire as I don't want wires on show everywhere..and which is the best one to buy and how much installed ..feed back appreciated .!
  16. aprilia dude


    i have a 3.0 ti Quattro And was wondering if the 4wd is 50/50 split front to back ?
  17. aprilia dude

    Needle sweep

    anyone know how to activate the needle sweep !
  18. aprilia dude

    Petrol or diesel

    any thoughts on which is the better performing car between the 3ltr tdi Quattro And 3ltr fsi Quattro in terms of power ..mpg.. Etc
  19. aprilia dude

    Brake pedal S tronic

    I have just bought an avant 3.0 tdi Quattro s tronic and niggle is that adjusting the seat to get comfy Is tricky because the brake pedal is about an inch and a half higher than the accelerator pedal so it's difficult to find a happy medium can the pedal position be adjusted.?
  20. aprilia dude

    mmi and ipods..!

    hi all.. I have mmi plus (tech pack high) in my A5 and im wondering if anyone knows why the album artwork dosent come up on the screen while using the ipod (plugged in the glove box).. the ipod has all the artwork on it and is set to show all the track details.... I can get some art work while...