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    EGR and Throttle body cleaning

    Hi all! I wondered if there's a comprehensive guide to cleaning throttle body, EGR and inlet manifolds available? Also what sort of level is the risk. Is it a fairly safe job without risk of breaking bits Many thanks Dave
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    Performance diesel plus redex

    I usually use BP ultimate or shell vpower nitro diesel. Will it have any adverse effects adding redex to "performance" diesels?
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    LED lighting upgrade

    Is anyone aware of a full kit to upgrade on the factory fitted LED lighting kit? Footwells Puddle lights Underside of wing mirrors etc Many thanks
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    Unexplained droning

    So almost at the end of my tether! I've had a droning at the rear offside of the car for a month or so now. The noise is only really noticeable between 20-40mph that's when it sounds at its worst. Doesn't get worse above that speed but still slightly audible. After several people saying I was...
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    Torque settings

    will be attempting to replace rear wheel hub/bearing assembly on my 3.0 quattro. Wondered if someone could give me the torue settings for the mounting bolts and central hub nut, phoned audi and spoke to someone in the workshop but refused to give out details for safety reasons also wondered if...
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    Rear o/s droning

    So there's been a droning noise present for the last couple of weeks, and became more evident after doing some work to replace an oil seal on the rear diff. The droning is more obvious around 35-40 mph, I've had a look at the tyres and there's no obvious sign of stepping. I had noticed the CV...
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    Rear diff oil seal

    After having the car on a ramp a couple of weeks ago I noticed a slight leak on the o/s of the diff. Is it easy to change the seal? And anyone have the part number to hand?
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    Caliper knocking

    so I changed the brakes all round a few months ago. Now I'm getting a hollow knocking noise occasionally when braking and without fail braking after changing direction i.e manoeuvring After speaking to a few folk and my boss listening to the sound and symptoms folk reckon it's the caliper...
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    Plastic jacking block

    ive cracked one of my jacking blocks using the trolley jack in it. Are these replaceable?
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    Heated seat hotspot

    has anyone come across this before or know what the solution is? after putting the heated seats on for the first time the other day it appears theres a serious hotspot on the forward sliding part of the seat base, even on low temps it feels like its burning my left leg and no head along the...
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    Urgent!! Help needed trying to change rear pads

    I have an A6 4F, trying to release the parking brake to change rear discs and pads. Following the directions from rosstech wiki but nothing seems to be happening. I dont have the car connected to a battery charger, is this the issue? Ive gone into the control module 53, Basic settings group...
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    Bulb out warning

    slightly confused, yesterday the car threw up a bulb out warning for my front n/s indicator. Upon stopping and checking the bulb was working fine, is this normal or should I be worried about a bigger problem
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    3.0 Tdi Brake Replacement

    Looking to replace discs and pads all round, But noticed when looking for rear pads there seems to be a variety of options, One set comes with "accessories" and caliper bolts, and prepared for wear sensor The other set not prepared for wear sensor None of the rear sets pictured show wires for...
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    Multichanger And Cd-r

    Hi all, Got an A6 C6 with multichanger and originally when I got the car was using Maxell discs. My songs were burnt from iTunes with the standard burn settings and using track info as well for the MMI display. After changing to tesco own brand CD-R my multichanger initially struggled to even...
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    Wiper Knocking

    Of recent my drivers side wiper is knocking on the A pillar. Initially it was on faster settings but its even doing it on intermittent sweeps now. Any ideas on a solution to this?
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    Another Issue, Fuel Gauge

    Got another problem, pretty fantastic! I have noticed a large fluctuation in readings on the fuel gauge, go for a spirited drive and itll appear to drink it like i drink jager, yet once the car has been sitting itll go back up. today in the space of about 30 miles it appeared i had used 1/4 of...
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    Usa Sidelights

    i know with a little coding you can change some other vag models to have USA sidelights where front amber indicators double as sidelights. got a rough idea of what im looking for but which control module manages the sidelights? maybe this isnt even possible but figured id have a play around...
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    Squeaking Steering

    Its come and gone over the last couple weeks but after yesterday appears to be permanent. I get a squeaking noise coming from somewhere in the steering column behind the steering wheel. Anyone else experienced this and is it an easy fix?
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    My First Vcds Scan

    So after finally purchasing VCDS and it arriving yesterday i got outside this morning to have a play around. so heres the faults from the first scan Address 56: Radio Labels: 4E0-910-541.lbl Part No SW: 4E0 910 541 F HW: 4F0 035 541 B Component: TUNER EU/US/RDW H42 0480 Revision...
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    Electrical plug tool

    can anyone link me to the tool for splitting electrical plugs if such a thing even exists, ive been googling but without the proper name its not much use