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  1. Ovid

    Cat removal on 1.8t , does it bring MIL light on?

    So removing the cat is a doddle but some reports say it constantly brings MIL on , anyone done it ?
  2. Ovid

    How to tell if 1.9 tdi is mapped

    My father has now joined the audi brotherhood with a 1.9tdi pd a4 but its been mapped and the map is horrendous, i tried to chase him from a standing start up to 80mph in my 215bhp 1.8t and could not get anywhere near so i resorted to my gsxr 600 and still i had trouble, is there a way of...
  3. Ovid

    Sounds like a biro hitting a spinning fan

    Hello peeps, well i drove all the way to Montpelier in the south of france in the cabby ,im back now after a 3000 mile round trip and car drove fine but im still getting knock sensor fault and when letting throttle off and then back on i get what sounds like a biro being pushed into a spinning...
  4. Ovid

    Urgent help needed please!

    Hello peeps Im in the south of france in the audi and its throwing this codes, im thinking its the rad tempsender thats causing them any help would be really appreciated as audis down here and audi mechanics areas rare as a french driver with manners!
  5. Ovid

    pd130 turbo wanted

    Anybody got a good 1 lying around , cash waiting or i can swap my best goat and the 2 halfs off my old turbo ???
  6. Ovid

    cabby roof coding

    Could someone please post their soft coding,please.There seems to be no coding in mine and im sure there should be ?Thanks.
  7. Ovid

    That 1.8t rattle on cold start

    I decided to investigate this problem at last along with cam/crank correlation DTC and this is the cause. As we can see the timing is out ,now how many links (rollers) do you count between teeth on camgears , this is what it should be.
  8. Ovid

    1.8t cam chain tensioner Faulty ????

    Mine does this exact same thing (see link below), can some enlighten me on what it should do please ?
  9. Ovid

    strange boost fault

    Im pretty sure this is a DV issue but any help appreciated. 1.8t under WOT 2nd gear going uphill and the boost comes in , then it drops off and then comes back, this happens all the way up to about 6k revs, DV or N75 folks ?
  10. Ovid

    vcds expert knowledge needed please

    Can someone tell me if this idle stabilisation is correct at idle on a 1.8t please Im trying to figure out if my cam timing is out or my oil pump is on its way out not giving enough pressure to the chain adjuster.
  11. Ovid

    1.8t bfb oil pressure at idle

    Once engine is warm the idle oil pressure on vcds says Min , is this a sign the pick up is blocked or pump worn , im trying to get to the bottom of my rough hunting idle and slight misfire when first started for about 30 secs also throws cam/crank correlation fault all the time but does not...
  12. Ovid

    If you could change your alarm chirp to a spoken sentance what would it say ?

    "Don't expect me to work when you come back ! " :laugh:
  13. Ovid

    What moron designed it to fit there!

    Fuel filter on 1.8t cabby , WOT a crappy design , never seen such a convoluted balls up of a design, great fun to try and get it out . Loads of degrees and qualifications to work a CAD design computer but absolutely NO common sense , i bet they wear nappies as going to a toilet and getting all...
  14. Ovid

    17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28) P1340 - 001 - Incor.

    Arrrrrgh i hate this fault code, read loads about it ,car surges a little on tickover but runs fine off tickover ,changed cam sensor and had sump off and cleaned oil pickup, not changed crank sensor as i would have thought that would be a stand alone fault. Come on folks anyone ever got to...
  15. Ovid

    1.8t injectors wanted

    Sooo...........ive had this little annoying problem of my 2003 a4 1.8t bfb cabby hunting and misfiring intermittently , so i removed every vacuum hose etc etc eventually i figured out how to use vcds and see which cylinders were misfiring and its no 1 slightly and no 2 most of the time, removed...
  16. Ovid

    Knock control, knock sensor voltage

    Ok so when i go to mvb 026 i get the readings cyl 1= 1.029 cyl 2 = 0.981 cyl 3 = 0.982 cyl 4 = 0.427 Why is cyl 4 so much lower than all the others, the readings are at idle and when reving number 4 cylinder is always half of the others , any ideas ? im trying to figure out why the...
  17. Ovid

    Pcv removal forever

    Talking to a VW nut today and he completely removed his pcv valve and blanked of the pipes , on a 1.8t, says doesn't need it due to the fact they have a top breather, been running like it for 2 years and says the car runs much better, i did hear it run and saw said alteration and it did run...