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    B6 3.0 V6 Quattro - Getting it to sound sweet on a budget

    So guys i need a little advice I think the stock exhaust on the quattro doesn't really let my girl sing her song ! if you get me! at some point i am planning on getting straight pipes and she will scream, but for the interim i was wondering if you lovely people had any suggestions on making...
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    Little Advice Needed - 3.0 Quattro

    So i have had my gorgeous V6 since March now and apart from a few niggly things she is lovely! Just need to try and get my head around this... maybe im going mad but it seems as if my car has like "on/off" moments you know sometimes she flies along quite nicely and other times it seems as she...
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    My A4 3.0 Quattro V6

    Hey guys i know my last two posts have been problems and help.. However i would like to share some pictures of my new Audi, apart from the little niggly bits mentioned in previous posts i absolutely love her, gave here a nice wash and polish today and she looks great!! If you guys have any...
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    ABS Light HELP!

    Hey guys so just to let you know i DID go ahead and buy the 3.0 quattro can i say WHAT A MACHINE! GRRRR i got the guy down in price because we noticed the abs light came on in the test drive i thought it was maybe just a sensor! apart from it needing a new coil pack thats the only issue but...
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    ABS Light

    Hey folks i need a quick bit of advice i posted earlier in the year about me looking for a B6 quattro... well today i went to view one as i am looking to buy next week! and can i say what abeautiful motor! its a 3.0 V6 Quattro 2003 with only 89000 miles on the clock i went to view the car and...
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    New to the world of audi, any advice is good advice!

    Hey folks! just signed up today and looking for a bit of advice... Im looking to purchase a B6 A4 in the next month or so as i am fedup of driving hair dryers, i did have an old merc before but the propshaft went and lets just say it wasn't worth the money to fix. I love the looks of the B6...