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  1. Markey

    6 Speed

    Anyone know if the 6speed box from the later 1.8tqs will fit the earlier 5 speed tqs? What are peoples thoughts is it even worth it to gain a few more mpg on the motorway?
  2. Markey

    Supercharged A4

    Doc.... Is this your old one? AUDI A4 2.8 QUATTRO SUPERCHARGED 327 BHP NOT S4 or RS4 on eBay (end time 15-Nov-10 12:31:56 GMT)
  3. Markey

    Front Wipers

    Is there a relay or fuse that controls these. I did a search and found loads on the mechanism getting stuck but nothing else. They just stopped on me last night one min they were working the next min completely dead. No slowing down before just working fine then not. Other than that i...
  4. Markey

    Thoughts on Bastuck

    Anyone have one or seen one what are they like, there a little cheaper than Milltek and i like the tailpipe better on the Bastuck. Just wondering if anyone had experiance with them.
  5. Markey

    Head Gasket

    How difficult is it to change, been doing my steering rack and noticed a coolant leak and small amount of oil as well. I had the head rebuilt a year ago and dont recon they put it back togther properly or with a new gasket. Im going to get a mirror down there and get a better look but just...
  6. Markey

    From one 1.8t to another

    If i bought a scrap facelift 1.8t sport (very cheap) how difficult and how much work do you think it would be to move everything from that car onto mine? Bose, Remote Locking, ECU, Wireing, Dash with DIS etc? My current chasis is in good nic, and the enigne has had a complete rebuild so...
  7. Markey

    B5 FWD 1.8t Exhausts

    Question does the quattro zorst fit the FWD? Reason is im after a good off the shelf system not Milltek (tail pipes are to small) as i dont know a decent exhaust maker in Kent that is well known and no way am i getting powerflow. I like the neuspeed one but this says quattro only and the...
  8. Markey

    RS4 Avant Spoiler

    Does anyone have a decent pic of one, the body shop have fitted mine and i think it is not sitting in the correct place. For one the rear wiper does not move past it anymore. I just wanted to see how much of the top of the boot it covers as. Thanks :)
  9. Markey

    1.8T Sports Cat on ebay
  10. Markey

    Rear Seats

    How easy is it to convert the rear saloon seats from an a4 to fit an avant a4? A s4 saloons black recaros have come up and im very tempted as my interior is not even the sport veriety.
  11. Markey

    Sending large parcels

    Anyone know of a good company to use to send a bonnet? Thanks
  12. Markey

    Brake disk question

    I have the S4 disks as i am doing a custom upgrade for the fronts. They are 30mm standard thickness on them it has 28mm min thickness written on them. Does that mean after 1mm has gone from each side there useless? Thing is i have had them skimmed to 28mm anyway to fit the calipers im using...
  13. Markey

    Remote locking

    Anyone see these or tried on of these? Room inside for our own transponder as well...
  14. Markey

    Steering Question

    Hello, I need the following replaced Pump, Rack, Pipes, and Resivour. As the parts are on the car still i can not get the part numbers to order the pits direct from a breaker, but one breaker said that all the above parts are the same on all 1.8na and 1.8Ts from 1995-1997/8 is this true if...
  15. Markey

    Any one want a Sports Cat

    200 Cell, i have changed my mind on what im doing. Brand new never fitted good quality cat fits into original position. Should make large noticable differences. £200 posted :)
  16. Markey

    Metal Work

    I need to get 1mm skimmed of the face of some brake disks, anyone know a good place in kent? Thanks
  17. Markey

    S4 Skirt Fitting

    Anyone know where i can get a fitting kit i know another question posted already but vagparts were greate they got me everything i needed for the last car when i did this i dont have a clue where to start this time. Its for some replica skirts i have seen on the bay.
  18. Markey

    Caliper Carriers

    Are the caliper carriers on the Seat Cupra R the same as the TT?
  19. Markey

    Sports Cat \ Exhaust

    Hello, My gasget is blowing behind the turbo and if im going to get it replaced i thought i would do the exhaust as well. What other options are there for sports cats other than Milltek anyone? Any good custom exhaust manufactuers in and near Kent as i want the RS4 style tail pipes...
  20. Markey

    I NEED A Pre-Facelift Climate Unit

    Anyone have one local to Dartford as i think mine died last night as it wont turn on and whith the rain etc its going to be rubbish without the blower. Im hoping to get some sort of check done in a min but if i need one i want to be able to get it asap as im driving away on holiday Friday...