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    Sportback Custom Flex Tune with DS1 + build

    Hi guys I just switched from uni stage 2 dwna beta map to custom flex with ds1, so figured I’d put a thread together Received my exclusive merlin purple on lunar silver sportback in October 2020. Immediately flashed the uni ecu as it was only stage 2 offering available at the time Since...
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    Nardo Grey RS3 with minor tweaks

    Hi guys Picked up my RS3 last week and already knew from my experience with the S3 what I wanted to do with the car Options include assistance pack, sunroof, black pack, carbon interior trim, staggered wheels, b&o sound, mag ride Have no intentions on moding the RS3, it works so well out of...
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    Looking for vendor to buy RS4 B8 RS caliper covers

    Hi guys Can someone point me towards a uk Audi parts dealer I want to buy the RS caliper covers they fit on rear calipers of the b8 wagon Cheers
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    RS3 Staggered wheel offset?

    Hi guys Does anyone have the info, or checked their wheels, to see what the offsets are for the front staggered wheel setup? Curious what offset they're running up front on the 8.5" as visually they don't look anymore flush than the non staggered 8.0" setup
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    wheel offset for 19" v spoke alloys?

    hi guys just purchased a new s3 sedan with the 19" v spoke alloys and looking for info on wheel offset so i can purchase correct spacers i did a search but can't seem to find any info on this wheel - is it not available in US?