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    Pulsing / jerking when decelerating 2001 2.5tdi quattro 6 speed manual

    2001 allroad 2.5tdi. When decelerating in gear above 40mph a noticeable pulsing / jerking is felt through the vehicle simultaneously with a 'clicking relay' sound from below the steering wheel area. I have suffered and lived with this issue for a few years now but really want to get to the...
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    2002 Audi allroad 2.5tdi HVAC issues

    2002 Audi allroad 2.5tdi HVAC issues Hello, I am currently fault finding some issues with the above car and am kind of stumped at the moment. Firstly, I apologise that this will be a long post but I want to include all the info and steps I have done so far. So, initially I will explain the...
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    Fitting RS6(2002-2005) anti-roll bars to 2001 Allroad

    Fitting RS6(2002-2005) anti-roll bars to 2001 Allroad I recentlyfitted a set of RS6 anti-roll bars to my Allroad to upgrade the standard barsthat were on the car. Here are my observations: The frontbars are identical in shape and size yet have different part numbers. One must assume the RS6...
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    Some pics of my recent Thermostat and Water Pump change 2001 Allroad 2.5tdi AKE

    Some pics of my recent Thermostat and Water Pump change 2001 Allroad 2.5tdi AKEHope these will reveal some of the mysteries of the job! I'm not going to make a full detailed post about every step involved in doing this, rather I thought it best you could view the album of pictures which show...
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    Allroad 2.5tdi AKE Manual - What is the best remap?

    Allroad 2.5tdi AKE Manual - What is the best remap? I have been researching a remap or tuning box for my allroad for a few months now and am still unsure what to do. Is a plug and play tuning box the best way to go, or are there recommended remapping companies? I live in the Scottish...
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    Stainless braided brake hoses for 2001 allroad 2.5tdi with HP2 front calipers

    Can anyone tell me a source for a set of these please? A number of companies list a set for the same year A6 2.5tdi quattro, would they fit? I'm guessing the allroad ones might be slightly longer? Has anyone fitted a set? What ones do you recommend? I need front and rear. Thanks in advance...
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    Blocked particulate filters 2.5tdi AKE engine. What to do?

    During installation of a towbar on my 2001 Allroad I removed the rear section of the exhaust to facilitate access. With the exhaust off I inspected my DPF's - the 2.5tdi has 2 of these. As you may be able to see from the photo they both appear to be pretty much blocked (perhaps the photo below...
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    2003 RS6 Anti roll bars - will they fit a 2001 Allroad TDI ?

    About 3 years I upgraded my RS6 anti roll bars for Hotchkiss and they have been sitting in a box ever since. It just suddenly occured to me that these may possibly be an upgrade for my Allroad. Does anyone know if they will fit and indeed if they are actually worth fitting?
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    JHM Short Shifter

    Does anyone know of a UK supplier for the USA JHM short shifter? I have a 2001 Allroad 2.5TDI (6MT) and desperately want to fit a short shifter to it. Perhaps there are other options available? Any advice / input appreciated.
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    Cruise control not working - brake light switch to blame?

    Hello. I am a newowner of a 2001 Allroad 2.5tdi and other than the cruise control beinginoperational it seems to be just about a perfect car. I have been using my VAGCOM to check to seewhy the cruise control does not work and have tested all functions on the cruisestalk and the brake switch...