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    Recoding tiptronic box

    Has anyone tried recoding their tiptronic box to take it back to the 'old' tiptronic? Info here Just wondering whether it's worth it or not.
  2. M car (to me)

    Well after finally deciding enough is enough with my A4 Avant today I put a deposit down on a '06 A6 Avant 3.0 TDi S-line. I pick it up on Saturday and quite frankly the week can't pass quick enough. Not exactly sure of the colour, it's the dark grey with a purple tint. Drives like a dream...
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    A4 Or A6 3.0 Tdi

    Ok, wasn't sure whether to stick this in the A4 or A6 section, so decided to stick it here :) I've had enough of my B6 A4 and decided I need a change. I've recently changed jobs which now involves a lot of B road driving. I've looked at 4x4's but have decided I'll stick with Audi and go for...
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    Just picked my car up from the garage, new Bilstein B12 Sportline kit. Wow. What a difference. I know all you none FK Street coilover users will be wondering wtf I'm on about but having got rid of my dreadful coilovers the difference is like night and day. After being pretty despondent about my...
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    Looking for a professional detailer

    in the Andover, Hampshire area. My missus is looking for an idea of cost for a complete detail on her Mk5 Golf. Apologies as I haven't done a search but just about to walk out the door, so any recommendations?
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    Coolant problem

    Over the last couple of days my minimum fluid light keeps coming on, so I pull over, check the levels and if anything have too much fluid in the expansion tank as it's above the Max mark. Once I open the expansion tank, which lets off a bit of pressure, and get back in the car the light goes out...
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    Weird 'flap'

    Just above my rear view mirror I have a flap that pulls down, it appears to have a dot that looks like it could be a sensor or something. I also noticed 2 small holes at the bottom of the dome/map light assembly. I'm thinking something to do with the alarm, but anyone got any ideas as to what...
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    LED kit

    Hi T8ups. Just wondering whether you could do me a kit for an A4 B6. I have HIDs fitted so looking for some sidelights, main beam (assuming non-LED, just need something brighter/whiter), rear number plate lights, also looking for 1 front dome light (already have LED's fitted internally but one...
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    Suspension Setup

    Almost in a position to buy my new suspension and was wondering whether anyone had pictures of a car sat on a Bilstein B12 sportline kit. This basically comprises of Bilstein B8 shortened shocks and Eibach sportline springs. Failing that, has anyone got a picture sat on Eibach Sportline...
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    Symphony Stereo problems

    Ok, I think my stereo is the Symphony version, it has an integrated 6 disc changer and tape deck. I got into the car this morning and the stereo wasn't working, it lights up, but there is no sound and no display. I've tried turning it on and off and nothing happens, still sits there with the...
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    Suspension Replacement

    Ok, the FK coilovers that I was raving about the other day have been cross threaded, so I am currently needing to sort out completely new suspension. The car is used as a daily driver so although I don't mind a bit of low, low and slow is not the way forward. Being a new guy to Audi's I'm not...
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    Hi all

    Just a quick hello from me. I picked up my A4 B6 Avant on Saturday and have been clocking up the miles today. It's a high mileage 1.9tdi but appears quite sound mechanically, the body work is a bit tatty but a quick trip down my mates bodyshop should sort that out. It's already had a remap and...