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  1. Tangooneone

    S3 oil

    Best brand/place/price for a 1 litre top up oil for my 2015 S3? Thanks in advance
  2. Tangooneone

    Ending a PCP early.

    Can it be done when only 6 months into a 48 month contract? If so, how is it done? Thanks in advance for any input.
  3. Tangooneone

    Anyone heard of/used this product?

  4. Tangooneone

    I could cry :'-(

  5. Tangooneone

    Spotted. Red S5. M6 southbound

    Number plate ended in JOC.
  6. Tangooneone

    Is it just me or do Audi's make you OCD?

    It was time to put my private plate on the S3 and I hate removing the double tape with a passion! So when refitting I've decided to go for heavy duty Velcro. Even though you don't see it I had to make sure it looked straight & symmetrical! I even put a bit in the middle to stop vibration...
  7. Tangooneone

    Best Wheel Wax?

    Just wondered what the best wax is to protect my S3 wheels? Thanks in advance
  8. Tangooneone

    Has anybody else removed this?

  9. Tangooneone

    Audi Sport Showcase - Crewe

    Hey, Has anyone been invited to the Audi Sport Showcase in Crewe on the 6th August?