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    New Rear Discs And Pads :(

    My S3 has yet to hit the 7k mark and is having it's rear brake discs and pads replaced due to bad scoring on both discs (the nearside being the worst). Not exactly what I expect from an Audi but at least they are doing it under warranty. Anyone else having problems?
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    6 month quick detail

    Well since I have had her 6 months I decided that it was about time I done a detail. The process was as follows; Sprayed with Auto finesse citrus power Rinsed deironised using Wolf Chemicals WF 1P Rinsed Washed using TBM Rinsed De-tarred using tardis Rinsed washed again Clayed using Meguiar's...
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    Audi Insurance :)

    What a decent bunch they seem to be at Audi insurance. Setting up the policy was easy (and they beat the best price I got by about 50 quid). Today I called up about swapping my PP onto my car and it took very little time, was not on hold for long at all and they didn't charge me a penny (unlike...
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    All hail haldex!

    Tonight I hit a bit of black ice in my S3. Before I knew what was going on the haldex had sorted me out and kept me on the road. if that was the 135i I would have been in the ditch. It's the first time I have had to rely on a system to help me out like that (will not make a habbit of it) and I...
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    Quick history of Quattro by Chris Harris

    Seems like a pretty new vid - pity it's not a bit longer and more in depth. The History of Quattro Explained by Chris Harris - /INSIDE QUATTRO - YouTube
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    Possible new S3 owner

    Hi all, today I popped into Aberdeen Audi and test drove a 2013 S3. So I put a deposit down!! The order hasn't been placed yet (probably get done on Monday) so I have no idea when I will get it. they estimate anything up to February! It will be a long wait. Mind you it gives me time to settle...