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    Parting with my B6

    If anyone is interested? Ordered a small economical car to replace it as we simply don't need 2 big cars, I'm going to miss her :-(
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    Thinking about an S3

    Anything to look for? Do they use oil like other TFSI engines? Looking at 07-08 plate around 50k miles. Need to drive one really, was looking at m3's but I think the s3 will be a more sensible cost effective car lol cheers mike
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    Brake disc size

    Need some discs and pads for my 04 190 s line 2wd, anyone know the disc size? They are either 312 or 320, don't want to have to remove them to measure if I can help it. Cheers mike
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    price please

    Hi, I need replacement boot struts for my A4, part number 8e5 827 552 b Can you please give me a price? Thanks Mike
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    Multitronic issue sorted

    Finally got around to taking my car to the guys in Bristol who advertise on eBay after my gearbox started playing silly buggers. Had a code saying input speed sensor faulty so pointed to a faulty gearbox ecu, they removed and tested my ecu to find it was in fact fine, it was a circlip holding a...
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    Just picked my car up after a service, they changed the multitronic gearbox oil as well. Driving home everything was sweet as a nut until about 15 miles, all of a sudden the gear box starts jerking, revs are erratic and it doesn't respond properly when in manual mode. Nursed it back to the...
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    Car's in for service

    took it in yesterday for a annual service, multitronic oil change it's been 25k since last one so don't want to push my luck (I know it's supposed to be 40k) cruise control fitted and an Oil leak fixed. It's stuck there are the new sccm they installed for the cruise wiped all the abs settings...
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    Hi can anyone recommend an audi specialist around Oxfordshire? Need to get some work done on my car. Thanks Mike
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    Cruise control install

    I've got all the bits to fit to my B6 a4 but was wondering if anyone around Oxford area who's fitted this before and who has VCDS want to earn some Xmas money installing it for me?? The coding bit scares me cheers mike
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    Who was selling a full cruise control package

    Someone was selling the complete package for a B6 on here but I cannot find the ad. Looks like I'm going to keep the B6 for another year at least as the Mrs has shot down my hopes of getting an M3 :-( so may as well add a few more mods. Got my eye on some BBS CH's in black already lol.
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    heated washer jets or not?

    As winter is appraoching I was wondering if my A4vhas heated windscreen washer jets, they have an electrical plug on them, does this mean they are heated? Any other way of knowing?
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    oil dipstick from min to max how much oil?

    As title, how much oil does it take to get the dipstick from min to max? Some cars seem to be a litre others 500ml. Cheers Mike
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    Multitronic magnets

    Stumbled across this video 2004 Audi (B6) A4 1.8T multitronic - Problem - YouTube does anyone know how you clean and align the magnets by the gear selector? I've had a couple of occasions where it's gone into this safe mode but has sorted itself out and then behaved 100%, makes me thinks its a...
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    Yellow fog lights

    Has anyone tinted the front fogs in a yellow tint? Was thinking of doing mine, my car was supposed to stay standard but I've already started tweaking it :-s
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    Phone mounts

    I'm looking for a phone mount that locates the phone to the left side of the stereo, I can only find them listed for the B7, anyone know if the B6 and B7's use the same one? I'm after something like the one listed bellow Car phone kit cradle/screen mounting bracket for Audi A4 2007 | eBay
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    steering control module

    anyone got one that will work with cruise control that they want to sell? Mine is a lowline version :-( Really want cruise :-)
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    multitronic cvt fault

    popped out in the car earlier and noticed the PRDS were in reversed colours but not flashing manual says this indicates a fault, I've scanned for codes with my cheap code reader and got nothing back so thought I'd remove the battery and see what that does. It's now gone back to normal, anyone...
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    A4 B6 Door trim

    Hi, can you give me a price for the finger pull drivers side door trim, I think the part number is 8E2 867 172 it's black and only the front windows are electric. Cheers Mike
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    1.8t BEX cam cover gasket

    Hi, can someone give me the part numbers for a 1.8t BEX cam cover gasket, I need both bits. Thanks Mike
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    Part number request

    Need to change the rocker cover gasket on my 1.8t BEX engine, can someone give me the part number for the two bits I need please? Thanks MIke