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  1. IIIadidasboy

    Becker GP (7992)

    My new Becker HU has arrived via postie pat and after looking at the connectors + doing a little test I need to ask a question (or two! ) before I replace the standard "Concert" unit. My 8L seems to have a permanent 12V supply on terminal 7 of socket A (it doesn't have a switched supply) - do...
  2. IIIadidasboy

    New Wheels!!

    Hi everyone, following the recent fiasco in trying to fit my new Brembo kit: I've decided to bite the bullet and bring forward the purchase of some new wheels. Over the weekend I've been scouring the web for info and ideas and I've been...
  3. IIIadidasboy

    Brembo Jr - What wheels?

    Hi everyone, I suppose firstly I should point out that this isn't in fact my virgin post - just the first with this account - company changes and losing the "modding bug" etc means this is now my 3rd!! (for history, previous accounts were something like "A3 Total Quality" and then "Stuey...