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  1. strizzle

    Wanted Audi s3 8P stage 2+

    Whats details on it pal if its still for sale
  2. strizzle

    Wanted RS3 8P WANTED

    Wanting a rs3 8p message me with what you got
  3. strizzle

    Wanted S3 8v exhaust

    Wanting a s3 8v exhaust 2017
  4. strizzle

    Wanted Turbo upgrade s3 8p

    Anybody selling a upgraded turbo for a s3 8p prefer tt480 but anything considered
  5. strizzle

    Wanted RS3 8P WANTED

    It depends on the car mate how much i want to pay
  6. strizzle

    Wanted Wanted TTE420 OR TTE480 TURBO

    Wanting one of the 2 turbos what have you got guys??
  7. strizzle

    Wanted RS3 8P WANTED

    Is anybody selling a rs3 8p the more specced up or modded the better
  8. strizzle

    Wanted Audi S3 8v facelift

    Hi mate got a s3 black edition saloon 2018 in nardo grey for sale message me if your interested
  9. strizzle

    Wanted FL RS3

    hi if anybody has a FL rs3 get in touch i am im the market for one
  10. strizzle

    Wanted S3 8p upgraded turbo

    Hi i am after a upgraded turbo hybeid or a bigger turbo for a s3 8p
  11. strizzle

    Wanted S3 8p performance parts

    Anybody got any performance parts for a s3 8p upgraded turbo hpfp etc
  12. strizzle

    Rear lights 3 door 5 door

    Hi guys quick question does anybody know if the 3door rear lights will fit a 5 door
  13. strizzle

    Wanted A3 rs3 s3 parts wanted

    Im wanting to do a facelift conversion so lights front and rear bumpers wheels etc
  14. strizzle

    Wanted A3 rs3 s3 parts wanted

    Hi is anyone breaking a a3/s3/rs3 8v facelift need various parts
  15. strizzle

    wanted a7 parts

    i had a look but dint no if they would fit or not people advertise them as 2011-2015 so was abit unsure cheers for the help
  16. strizzle

    wanted a7 parts

    need a couple of doors do you no if a door from a prefacelift 2011 2012 etc will fit on 2017
  17. strizzle

    wanted a7 parts

    hi guys i am after a few body panels for a a7 if anyone has got anything or nows where i can get some parts from get in touch
  18. strizzle

    silicone intercooler hoses

    hi i bought a airtec intercooler second hand for s3 but it did not come with any hoses does anybody no where i can purchase hoses from any help will he much appreciated i have uploaded a pic of the hoses i need
  19. strizzle

    Headlight conversion mk6

    Nope don't have vcds or a diagram I thought I would just need this but I have read that for Auto levelling and afs it is abit more complicated and I need some more wiring looms and modules
  20. strizzle

    Headlight conversion mk6

    Hi I need some advice on a mk6 gtd I am doing a headlight conversion from basic halogen to bi xenons with the drls and I am wondering if I just need to buy the adaptors and they will work or do I need to buy modules for the auto levelling and afs to work and help would be much appreciated cheers