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  1. Crazyfool

    Possible fuel cost increase, how will it effect your driving.

    As far as I am concerned, prices are always going up...we have a moan about it, but then we just get on with it. I’m not flush with cash, far from it, but I didn’t buy a 3.0 diesel family car and a 3.5 petrol convertible to then worry about fuel economy and running costs. They were bought for...
  2. Crazyfool

    Opinions on breakdown cover providers

    I’ve always challenged the price even after they’ve said ok just this year. Really annoys me how newbies get a greater discounr. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Crazyfool

    Opinions on breakdown cover providers

    I’ve been with the AA for over 20 years now. A few years ago they upgraded me to gold member which was great because it provides EU breakdown cover. The problem was, a year later and beyond they started charging gold membership prices. I don’t use any of the perks other than the key loss...
  4. Crazyfool

    New summer tyres.... Opinions please! Dunlop or goodyear?

    I always use Blackcircles and likewise fun Michelin Pilot Sport 4S’s on mine although it’s a rear wheel drive Merc. I bough the same when I had my A4 S-Line. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Crazyfool

    Wheel refurb done wrong???

    Don’t accept their first offer. Push back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Crazyfool

    Numpty Audi Driver!

    That is absolutely nuts! What a complete idiot.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Crazyfool

    2.6 V6 Radiator

    Anyone know a good place to buy a new radiator for the convertible. The current unit is leaking like a sieve. Thanks
  8. Crazyfool

    The Avant to end all Avants

    It looks a bit like the CLS Shooting Brake.
  9. Crazyfool

    Audi or bmw

    I was originally going to buy a 3.0TDI A6, but got so fed up with the expensive Audi repair bills, I now own this... If I only had a choice of the two however, it would be Audi. Apart from bringing out new models, which aren't that great looking anyway, BMW haven't made any fundamental...
  10. Crazyfool

    Mobile Phone Use While Driving

    Whilst driving on company business I'm not even able to take or make calls from the cars hands free system. And to take it further, if I'm making or taking a business call from the office and I think the person on the other side is driving, I have to advise them to call me back once they are...
  11. Crazyfool

    Your driving offence stories

    I do it all the time on the A702!
  12. Crazyfool

    Convertible roof advise

    I've gaffer taped the underside just to give it a bit more strength. I've found some sort of black coloured sealant, but not blue.
  13. Crazyfool

    Convertible roof advise

    I bought the car with a minor blemish on the canvas roof, but with time it's got worse and a hole is starting to appear. I don't want to spend £1,500 on a new roof and I don't want to sell the car, so I was wondering whether there is any remedy.
  14. Crazyfool

    Is There Anywhere To Get Engine Smoke Tested For Air Leaks In Berkshire?

    I've used in the past. Recently I took my convertible to to have something done on my convertible (can't remember what) and recently I used
  15. Crazyfool

    Your driving offence stories

    I normally cut along the a Cardiff City Hall road, then enter the main road at the police station. But it was Christmas time and the City Hall road was closed for all the show rides. Anyhow because of the closure I had to get onto the main road earlier. Turn left at the lights and start...
  16. Crazyfool

    Secret Society Of Bmw Owners

    My brother-in-law has a 2009 320d SE. The interior reminds me of our convertible but with a few more gadgets! He showed me the computer which was no different to my fathers F reg Audi 90...not for me I'm afraid.
  17. Crazyfool

    3.0 TDI S-Line A6 or Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I'm gutted. The Audi looks so nice compared to its competitors, with this being my second, if you don't count the convertible. I thought I was going to be driving them for the foreseeable future, but that now hangs in the balance. I've owned the convertible for two years now and it's...
  18. Crazyfool

    3.0 TDI S-Line A6 or Jeep Grand Cherokee

    My intention was to get the bodywork sorted on my A4 this year so I can sell it for an A6. But with the engine issues I have had, I am really starting to question the quality of Audi's. At just over 50,000 miles I had to pay £1000 labour costs when the bearings to the fly wheel failed knocking...
  19. Crazyfool

    Engine decarbonizer specialists as seen on Wheeler Dealers

    I took the convertible to Bracknell Service Centre | Grease Junkie Service Centre last week. It's one of Ed Chinas garages. Unfortunately they didn't take any readings, but I've driving the car for a few days now and noticed that it runs smoother, performance is up slightly and the exhaust...
  20. Crazyfool

    BMW X1

    It's not as bad as the X6! I don't like any of the X or Q ranges, but if I had to make a choice...dare I say it...It would be the X5. If I had a choice of any 4x4, it would have to be a proper one like a Landy or Range Rover.