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  1. Eeef

    How many miles are you getting from a full tank? (a3 3.2 )

    When I bought my A3 years back they loaned me a 3.2 DSG so i could test the gearbox. I drove from work (Slough) to home (Southampton) and back again and emptied the tank. So that was about 140-150 miles. In my defence, it wasn't my car, and it wasn't my fuel :)
  2. Eeef

    18" Rotor's with spacers

    Rotors? Have we all moved to friggin America all of a sudden?
  3. Eeef

    Pics wanted of votex skirts with S3 diffuser on sportsback

    If the Votex kit has been put on properly they will only have been bonded, no hardware fitments required.
  4. Eeef

    OEM Plus or Minus ?

    If it's not OEM, it's not OEM. Period.
  5. Eeef

    strange squeaking noise from alternator area

    You sprayed lubricant on a rubber belt? :wtf:
  6. Eeef

    TDI 170 PD MPG - DIS / MPG accuracy? (pessimistic)

    I've also gone from a 140 to a 170 (but in a Golf) and the DIS MPG change was huge, but I think the data used for the 170 is 'revised' to that of the 140. Now I use to track my REAL mpg.
  7. Eeef

    Talk me into (or out of) an S3 Sportback

    Why? They never have previously. Audi, like most manufacturers, release base models first and the 'trick' versions come along later, much later in Audi's case. The 8p was launched on..04 or 54 plates. S3 didn't appear until at least 2 years later.
  8. Eeef

    Price for fitted cruise control

    You'll use it a few times once fitted, then you'll wonder why you wasted your money. Roads in the UK just aren't appropriate for CC.
  9. Eeef

    Pondering a new S3. How much discount?

    Broadspeed reckon £25821 for a 3dr STronic
  10. Eeef

    A3 - S3 transformation (long...)

    I don't get it.....
  11. Eeef

    Audi Dealer VIP Day

    Make sure to check Broadspeed before you go to see what the proper price for a new Audi is e.g. A3 170 TDI Sline Stronic - rrp £24520 'Real' price - £21678 Discount = £2842 = 11.6%
  12. Eeef

    2.0 Tdi Turbo gone POP!!

    I do find it amazing that people who have chipped their cars then complain when things go pop.
  13. Eeef

    So it begins...

    Depends what year it is, circa 2005 Piano black was the default.
  14. Eeef

    hill hold

    Completely pointless.
  15. Eeef

    New Headunit to replace Concert with Bose

    If you've got Bose, you've got a seperate amp (such that it is)
  16. Eeef

    Another Whats mine worth

    Bit overpriced I'm afraid according to Glasses Nearest mileage available 80,000 Price when new £18,520 Retail value Garage/retailer's selling price £8,095 Trade-in values Clean Condition £6,425 Average Condition £5,825 Below Average Condition £5,225
  17. Eeef

    Gull Wing Doors

    Show car? I presume you mean 'show you're a **** car'?
  18. Eeef

    Which car should i buy?

    I'd goe for the golf. The audis are that much closer to needing a big service with cam belt. 2.0 engine is far superior, better power delivery and quieter than the 1.9. At that age both will be PD so not as refined as the later common rails.
  19. Eeef

    FBMFSW - Why not buy urself one for xmas

    Depends what tickets you get. I buy some every now and again and always make a shed load. Bought some Coldplay tickets for £80, sold them for £250. Ended up going to Coldplay for free, and had a meal at Fifteen for gratis as well.
  20. Eeef

    DSG issues...

    £150 from B&Q, £2 hours to install, job done.