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  1. JG220

    S4 front calliper bleed screw - Audi Warranty

    My car (still just in manufacture warranty) went in for a brake fluid service last week. I got one of those nice videos saying they needed to replace the front callipers as the outer bleed screws on both sides were seized. £1,500 please. I told them to contact Audi UK warranty, not sure why...
  2. JG220

    S4 B9 New Pads

    Where shall I get pads done, the light has just come on. don’t know if it’s fronts or rears but guess it’s probably fronts. Given the annoyance of having to take the car i might get both done. 36k miles from a set isn’t bad. Main dealer is about £1,000 for a full set fitted.
  3. JG220

    Do we have an Audi parts discount

    I need to buy a new key, and they are quite expensive at about £350 +2hs labour. £600 all. Luckily lost the service key, the gloss black s4 one is not replaceable. Any dealers do discounts for this forum?
  4. JG220

    Shift lights (rs5 content)

    I rather like the shift lights at 1:05 in this video. Is it available on s4 as a selectable or codable option?
  5. JG220

    Running In

    Whats the recommendation on S4? My m140 was a 1200 miles of below 4500rpm Exige was 1000 miles and below 4000rpm and a running in service.
  6. JG220

    Rear TV screens S4

    I'm not really an advocate of rear tv screens, but on very long drives they do provide a useful distraction. Is there a solution for B9 S4s with the hard backed font seat setup? Driving the the Alps in feb with a 3 and 5 year old. they would be forever thankful. When i took my son (5) to look...
  7. JG220

    Just Ordered

    S4 Avant Quattro Floret Silver Black pack Red callipers Panoramic Privacy 19in 5 spoke V design grey diamond cut Black Leather Piano black inlays Adaptive suspension Light and Vision Pack Electric mirrors with mem Electric Seats with men Hill hold Rear view Cam (think that's from the pack)...