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  1. Dan_G

    SQ5 ‘Reduce Oil Level’ ?

    My car hasn’t been moving much recently. Short journeys to supermarket and that’s about it for a long time. It was serviced last year as per the book but I have not topped up the oil at all. It flashed up on the dash ‘Reduce Oil Level’ when I started it. Thought this was odd. Wondered if a...
  2. Dan_G

    For Sale B7 Concert II Radio with code

    Having changed my car back to factory Symphony the radio that came with it is for sale if anyone needs it. Came out of a Cabriolet but believe these fit all B7 models. Double DIN With CD player. Wear on the volume knob otherwise perfect. £40 plus postage. Or pick up Richmond SW London.
  3. Dan_G

    Symphony II wiring?

    Changing my radio back to what it came from the factory with, a Symphony II with in dash changer. But the wiring looks to have been moved about and there is a floating wire outside of the connection block. Also this car has Bose but doesn’t look like the connection is there in the wiring block...
  4. Dan_G

    Phone cradles?

    My car has a phone cradle prep in the arm rest and the PR codes state it’s fitted with hands free. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket solution for a modern iPhone or are these things just redundant these days? Thanks
  5. Dan_G

    2.0T engine thermostat replacement

    Just purchased a B7 2.0tfsi and have found it throwing a few fault codes inc P2181 When out driving the temp gauge slowly gets up to 90C. Usually only when parked up tho. Remembering it’s chilly these days, drops down below 90c again quite quickly when on the move. When parked up again, it...
  6. Dan_G

    Q5 Q5 / SQ5 (mk2) - Time for new tyres, Cross Climates?

    Hi all, Time for a full set of tyres for my car. Its running 20" wheels so the size is 255 45 R20 - none of the options are cheap, sadly. Thinking of going for an all season, in particular the Cross Climates, as i have been driving to the Alps for the last few years and, this year, actually...
  7. Dan_G

    Facelift New S3 ‘leaked’ by Audi...

    Looking good...!
  8. Dan_G

    Tyre Gunk Experiences vs Having a Spare Wheel

    I know its very popular for car manufacturers not to supply a spare tyre in favour of a can of 'gunk' and a compressor. They tout this as weight saving equating to better mpg and less CO2 emission etc - but i'm not convinced and suspect its just a cost reduction. Anyway, has anyone had to...
  9. Dan_G

    SQ5 Roof Racks

    Just in case people don’t know, the OEM roof rack from either a Gen 1 or Gen 2 Q5 fits either generation. Been test fitting prior to putting on a ski rack. Might be useful if people are shopping EBay etc for one. Yes, it needs a clean.
  10. Dan_G

    SQ5 Stop Start System: Fault. Contact workshop

    So this message has appeared in the display and I have also had problems with the alarm going off but not flashing the lights today. I called a dealer and asked for advice but they want to book it in to check a few things but I’m on a weekend away and can’t leave it. Seems to drive fine... I...
  11. Dan_G

    SQ5 SQ5 brake pad replacement

    Anyone had this done on the current SQ5? I have detected a slightly different noise in braking and think they need replacing soon. Looking at the pads they seem to be shaped like this: \___/ I.e. tapered. So it’s difficult to see exactly how much wear is left. Only done 12600 miles but...
  12. Dan_G

    SQ5 Clunking from rear when turning

    I have noticed, today, that my car is making a clunking from the rear when i turn right - particularly on roundabouts - not slow speed and not from the front. I'll watch it for the next few days, although I don't drive that much, and then if its still there i'll take it to the dealer for...
  13. Dan_G

    SQ5 New Diesel SQ5 Its not really quicker than the petrol, will smell more, def wont sound as good, will probably not hit the emissions figures it comes with and be taxed to merry hell at some point in the future. Still, its a nice green colour in...
  14. Dan_G

    SQ5 New Macan

    Interesting to see the new Macan coming out at a price point competitive, to an extent, with the Q5 but definitely with the SQ5. I know Porsche won’t discount (you might get a token 1-2%) but the base Macan S is fairly well stocked and a couple of sensible options such as wheels and tinted...
  15. Dan_G

    S3 to have less power?

    Have read 2 similar articles earlier today stating that due to WLTP the Golf R power is being reigned in a little to comply with emissions.
  16. Dan_G

    Seat Covers for Sports Seats?

    Anyone have any advice as to where to get decent, waterproof, seat covers for a 2018 Tiguan R - Line? Following an accident at the weekend, urgently need a waterproof seat cover for the passenger side that will fit a R - Line seat, ie sports seat with side and leg bolsters. They are cloth...
  17. Dan_G

    Q8 Audi Q8

    Firstly, well need a new prefix... Secondly its an interesting, and potentially Marmite car: Interesting details found else where point to a TFSI V6 engine with 340bhp. Thats a little less than the current SQ5...
  18. Dan_G

    Cleaning Metallic Plastic trim

    I gave the SQ5 a decent clean the other day and whilst it’s only done 3k miles I found it very hard to clean the metallic plastics on the front of it - particularity the lower spoiler edge which looks like its tarnished, not that it can as it’s plastic.... I am looking for some help as to what...
  19. Dan_G

    Oem VW and Audi wheel needed

    it’s a sad day. Picked up brand new Tiguan R Line 2.0tFsi yesterday and 2 of the wheels were curbed this morning, one really badly - she’s not used to driving such a big car, and is pretty upset about the damage... It’s a great car, but I’ll do a write up another time - very impressed by the...
  20. Dan_G

    Ceramic Coating?

    Hello all, I currently have a Navarra Blue car and whilst less than a year old and only washed occasionally, its has a lot of swirl marks on it. This has been way worse than my Estoril S3 - so much so that i feel there is an issue with the clear coat, but that's another story. I'd like to...