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    Sline honeycomb grill & splitter

    Any decent looking splitters for the sline bumpers? & whats best way about making a honey comb grill for the sline bumper?
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    Squealing power steering pump

    What aux belt do i need for ac delete on a 2.0tdi pd170? Used a dayco belt 202772125 off a 1.6 a3 that worked but far too tight. Tia
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    Led headlight error , vcds

    I fitted some led headlights to my a4 b7 , work ok but now i have the left & right Dipped beam error code, how can i remove this with vcds? Thanks
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    Vcds euro light mod

    Does anyone know the coding to get my indicators permanently on via vcds?
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    Rnse reverse camera

    Has Anyone fitted a reverse camera to the rnse head unit?
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    Vcds interface not found!

    Due to cost and lack of using vcds i brought a clone disc and works fine but when i ever i install it on a different laptop i always get the interface not found error. I had someone look at it amd they got it to work. Any ideas? Both work fine once set up. Thanks
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    Yellow oil light

    2.0 tdi brd pd170 yellow oil light has been coming on now for a while, oil is full every time. Today i took the cap off and the light went off which says to me pressure but the cap didnt blow out my hand or come off with force. Originally i thought it was a dodgy sensor before removing the cap...
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    Ko4 turbo upgrade

    My pd170 has gone in for turbo to be reconed with a hybrid billet based on a ko4, bored out inlet etc, i have decat, egr delete, stock intercooler & injectors, swirl flap delete, what sort of power would be achievable after a remap?
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    Pd170 brd mod options

    What are modification/tuning options on a brd? Ive so far done: De cat Dpf delete Egr delete Egr cooler delete Anything else i can do to tidy up the bay or any upgrades to keep me busy? Had a few pd130 & 40’s & seemed way more options available, not sure on what intercooler to use etc, i...
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    Difference between brd & bkd engine

    I have a bkd pd140 with a hybrid gt1756 Would this bolt on to my brd pd170? Are the heads different? Would the turbo cope?
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    Actuator set up

    Anyone on here close to Derby or Nottingham that could set the actuator and stop screw on my turbo? My Vac pumps broken, got cash waiting its a pd140 with stage 2 map and a gt1756 hybrid
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    Hybrid turbo overboost

    Brought a second hand hybrid turbo gt1756, fitted it and had no power it was just over boosting. Car is a pd140 bkd already mapped, egr delete, straight through exhaust. Turbo came off a bkd with s3 fmic, darkside hard pipe kit and the previous owner said the actuator will need adjusting as it...
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    Turbo lag in 3rd gear, boost at 3k

    I can hear what sounds like a boost leak coming from the solenoid block, i cant pinpoint any other leak and had a smoke test done. Mpg gone down n loss on power. Done mr muscle on the turbo, actuator works fine, what could it be?
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    Turbo swap pd140 bkd

    Would oil residue in boost pipes cause turbo to fail? Been told a full Intercooler flush and clean is needed after swapping a turbo? Didnt on mine and any other pd engine ive had, when i swapped the turbo the car was jacked up on a tilt and both intercooler pipes was undone and abit of oil came...
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    Bkd vacuum line simplification?

    What can be removed on the vacuum um line? Similar to the pd130 can the vac ball be removed? Can an n75 valve be fitted?
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    2.0tdi bkd vac reservoir delete?

    Can the vac reservoir be deleted similar to the pd130 setup with an n75 valve? I have no egr, egr cooler and looking to clean the bay up abit more
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    Needle sweep and boost gauge

    Ive just had the white dis clocks fitted and coded to my 07 plate 2tdi. Looks so much better and everythings working as it should but been told my clocks dont support the sweep. They came out of a 60 something plate car and i remember him sayinv they was hard to do because of the micronas? Any...
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    Coding immobiliser to key and clocks

    Hi im in Nottingham/derby area and looking for someone to code my white led dis speedo to my car, anyone close by that can help?
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    Steering assist and esp reset

    Hi all, swapped my clocks out and now the power steering has gone and esp wont go off, i get no or incorrect basic setting
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    Speedo upgrade

    Can the white led clocks with mfd from roughly a 61 plate be fitted into a 07 plate with out the mfd? I have vcds if need coding