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  1. jerrygttdi

    S4 Headlight change

    I am having to replace my drivers side headlight, after a pheasant chose to fly straight into it. The question is, would the replacement unit need to be coded before it will work ? Thanks in advance
  2. jerrygttdi

    2010 S4 Avant Revo stg 1

    <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457301713.jpg (4.21 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457246296.jpg (4.76 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457207129.jpg (3.17 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457169860.jpg (3.81 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457107372.jpeg (92.28 KiB) <br...
  3. jerrygttdi

    S4 Sport differential

    Hi Folks Just a quick question, I have a 2010 B8 S4 Avant that is almost perfect, the spec is, sprint blue, B&O sound, sat/nav, s/sport seats, black optics, privacy glass, 19" alloys. The only thing that I feel it is missing, is the sport differential. I am wondering if anybody knows whether...
  4. jerrygttdi

    Ducati Key cutting in Edinburgh area ???

    Hi Folks Can someone on here please help. I am trying to find somewhere that can cut my blank key for my wife's 696 Ducati monster. the key has a centre keyway rather than the conventional edge keyway. I am located north of Inverness, but will be down in Edinburgh towards the weekend, if any...
  5. jerrygttdi

    S4 Winter wheels

    Can somebody please tell me what is the smallest diameter wheels that can be fitted to a 2010 S4 Avant. Thanks:)
  6. jerrygttdi

    Front tyre wear, Quattro

    Just wondering if anyone else out there has expereanced wear on the inside of both front tyres. The car is a 2.0 tdi s line Quattro. the trouble is that the main tread section of the tyre looks like there is plenty of tread left, but the very inside edge may be worn down to the steel braid...
  7. jerrygttdi

    wiper prob's. please help.

    I have an 05 tdi 140 sline quattro. The wipers only come on once you move forward and will not work when stationary ie first thing in the morningafter start-up to clear the window. Also the wash wipe has stopped altogether. I have checked the fuses but these are ok. Next I will look at the...
  8. jerrygttdi

    MIVW 2011

    Here are a few pics from this years MIVW show in holland.
  9. jerrygttdi

    will these fit

    Can anyone tell me. If the front disks and callipers, from a 2001 A6 2.5 TDI Allroad. Would fit an 05 2.0 tdi Quattro A3 S line.
  10. jerrygttdi

    Kate & the Queen

    Kate asks the queen ; what can i do to be a good daughter in law ? The queen replies; Keep yer seat belt on and dont **** me off
  11. jerrygttdi

    Wow RUF 996 R Turbo Attacks The Ring

    Amazing driving skills from Steffan Rosser, RUF test driver, arond the Nordschlife. 3mJ69BaBlZM
  12. jerrygttdi

    Kick *** Drift Video

  13. jerrygttdi

    Ruf CTR ( Yellowbird )

    The car that put RUF on the map
  14. jerrygttdi

    VAG fest: Some of the best out there. Please feel free to add your own ones.

    Ok I will kick this thread off with a few of my pic's: Enjoy