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  1. si_reading

    Just me or not? Other cars/xenons!

    For other 8P owners with Xenons do you get quite a few people flashing you as if you've got your main beam on? Happened three times to me today! It's not like I could direct them down more or anything as they auto-level. Si
  2. si_reading

    Retro-fit iPod adaptor to Concert II+

    Has anyone done this to the Concert II+ yet? I'm thinking of adding this to mine but can't find the correct part numbers anywhere. All the one's I've found on the net seem to just be for the Gen II and not the Gen II+. Cheers, Si
  3. si_reading

    New 170 S-Line: the new black!

    Replaced my black A3 Sport today with my new Ibis White version :D :D It's really nice!! 2.0TDI 170 S-Line, Xenon+, Black Optic Pack, Leather, Bose Sound System. My new wheels haven't arrived yet so just on the normal 18" S-Line rims, but new 19's should be here in two weeks from the Rimstlye...
  4. si_reading

    My new A3 is in UK which rims?

    Well my new A3 has arrived at the Audi Dealer now. I have tried to order some new rims for it, went for BBS CH 19" alloys but they may take couple of months to find as BBS has gone bust. So I'm trying to find another option to get some smart rims asap! I've come to find two: Kahn RSV 19"...
  5. si_reading

    New A4 Cab: Offset/PCD

    Hi, Doesn't anyone know the offset/PCD etc for the new A4 Cab? I've got some new A3 S-line 18" wheels and need to know if they will fit on an a new A4 Cab if possible. Thanks, Si
  6. si_reading


    Hi my name Si. Just recently joined this forum but have known about it for awhile! I've had my current A3 1.6FSI from new on a 2005 55 plate and love it, but just put an order in on a newer A3 2.0TDI 170PS which should be nice when it arrives! I've been on these kind of forums for years and...