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  1. nally


    Hi all It's a very sad time my audrina has been written off and I am now left dealing with all the things that fall out of an accident police, insurance, solicitors, My insurance initially offered me 8200 my response was not what they expected. I want to know what my cars worth I can't find...
  2. nally

    Headligh cracked DRL with pics

    Hi guys Not been on for a while since getting my house. I have a massive issue I need some help with please. I have hit a bird about 60 mph yesterday unfortunately it's hit my head light Sqaure on and destroyed the lense. I know euro car parts can't get them and I beleave they are £1500...
  3. nally

    Fluid levels

    Hello Fourm i have been checking my levels and I think my water may be a bit low it was serviceed 11k ago and had and oil change around 5k ago. the marking on the manual is a different type to the acctual one. here are some pics Style pictured in the manual One i have in my...
  4. nally

    New 2013 kenwood unit A3 sline

    Hello All I have just installed this unit Kenwood DNX5230DAB chose this unit over RNSE mainly due to cost and in the near future may be looking at an A4 Main features: DAB Radio ( aftermarket radios can suffer with bad reception) Navigation ( Garmin, its pretty good but still prefer Tom Tom )...
  5. nally


    Hello guys not posted for a while no real updates apart from wanting some porsche panamera wheels with the diamond finished edges not seen any on a sport back or any a3 up to now and I think they would suit the car really well. i know I would need 7-8" width ones as I think some are 10" here...
  6. nally

    Black s3 wheels ( not rotors )

    Hello aas many one got pics of black s3 wheels fitted to a black a3 / s3 ? Looking at a used oem set ( the 5 spoke ones cerca 2008) given up on getting rotors ppl are having a laugh with the prices they want and they are getting verry common now. thanks Nally
  7. nally

    Rnse advice please ( pics inside )

    Hello asn i have audi convert think its number 2 see pic I am thinking of replacing with this unit RNS E Audi A3 S3 Navigation Media Chrome Satnav DVD 2012 Map | eBay is this the correct unit for my car ? will my bury kit work with this ? will my aux plug in still work? will the stearing...
  8. nally


    Hi peeps looking at getting a vag com cable but need to justify it to myself. i have an issue with my dumbo mirrors where after 5 seconds one of my indicators dimms right down? No dis errors show will vag com pick this up? also I know I can check genuine mileage and look at faults but what else...
  9. nally

    All of the lights!

    Hi fourm i have noticed that over the past few days my side repeater on the passenger side seems to be less brighter a lot less this is intermittent I have took some pics to show you all other repeaters are fine and I don't think there is a bulb error but can't tell 100% as I need to reset my...
  10. nally

    Needle sweep

    Hi fourm still on the look for my replacement car ( Quattro ) but wondered if you can get the car programmed to sweep mph and Rpm dials like on the s + rs3 and how much would it cost about
  11. nally

    A3 8p3 to A4 b8 questions

    Hello fourm this is my first post here normally on A38p3 section. Ill cutt to the chase for those who don't know me I am looking to Change my A3 sline to the same car with Quattro (haldex) anyway it's got to be the same as mine with drls sline sport back ect it's looking at costing me another 4k...
  12. nally

    Quattros talk to me

    Hi fourm As you know I have a 2009 (58) a3 sline 55k with below add ons i now want the same car in a Quattro my budget is my car plus 3k It must have drl's that pretty much my specifics do you guys think this is doable? I am in talks with a sourcing company at the minute about it but needs...
  13. nally

    break discs

    HI fourm dose any one make drilled / grooved/ or both dics for a 8p3 2009 a3 tdi 140 SB ? had a look on the net and cant seem to find them for my car ? car is due a service next week so was looking at my options. ( without paying a fortune ) :sign_pics: Thanks Nally
  14. nally

    Engine oil

    Hello my Audi pals I have a question I am hoping someone can answer quite easily i have a 2009 a3 sline 2.0 TDI ( cr ) Today I took a look at the oil and it's fine leave wise but it's really black IMO acording to my car it needs changing in another 4k but the colour is making me want to...
  15. nally

    Sline / rs3 blade and valance

    Hi guys i have a smal chip in the rear of my 2009 A3 sline valance. Its just paint so I am not too fussed but I got me tthinking I may remove them both and reprint in bright silver rather than the matt grey colour that's on it now. any ideation on how to remove ? Also and clour codes? Rs...
  16. nally

    Cleaning drl's

    Hello my lovely Audi brethren I have recently joined detaling world after our detaling section dried up. But I am back with my old ubsession. I have drl's on my car and I have dirt inside (looks like fog) but its not and I have not noticed any fog. Is there anyway for me to get to the inside...
  17. nally

    Like a g6.....

    Hi Audi peeps looking at either autoglym cymbal and rubber care or chemical guys G6 mainly for the exterior rubber seals recomendations of either please?
  18. nally

    Armrest help

    Hi guys When I put my armrest up ( like when I use the cup holder) then put it back down it pushed straight down to the hand break. I have tried lifting it back up and lowering down but I can't get it to lock in to place. Can anyone help thanks Nally
  19. nally

    new addition

    Hi peeps the MRS just collected this yeasterday its in pretty good condition interior is excellent. but it has the usual swirls ect so its a job for this week along with some tints plan is double snow foam brush all seals and pan am roof ( moss creaping in ) tardis on wheels and lower parts...
  20. nally

    i phone 4s

    hi everyone got an i phone 4s 32g and love using it with my bury car kit. but i need to insure it any recomedations i am with oronge and they want £12 a month. any help would be great members cheers nally