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  1. Phantom_A4

    JOM Coilover (Pics) - DPM Performance

    Hi guys, purchased some JOM coilovers from DPM performance for my DTM last week. Delivery was really fast even though they ordered them directly from Germany. Wanted to say thanks to Ryan_hol as he gave me some great feedback on these, which is the main reason I bought them. The coilovers are...
  2. Phantom_A4

    DTM Pics

    Here's a few picture I've taken recently, all on my phone so apologies for the grainy quality. :o)
  3. Phantom_A4

    Engine cut out 2.0T

    Good morning guys. re: 2.0T DTM Car started perfectly fine, ticked over for a few minutes and attempted to drive in to work. About 1/2 a mile down the road, the engine completely cut out.....I tried turning the ignition but nothing came up except the abs/tcs light which was slightly...
  4. Phantom_A4

    Recoding Key?

    Hi guys, I replaced my key fob battery at the weekend and the remote lock/unlock doesn't seem to work anymore. I have tried the advice in the manual and it doesn't seem to work also have a spare in the ignition (on), locking the car manually with the key and pressing lock and the same for...
  5. Phantom_A4

    HID Problem

    Hello! Well I'm beginning to hate HID kits, unfortunately I can't seem to get a kit to work properly... I've had two kits where one or both bulbs just cut out completely this can be at any point as well. Kit I have now strobes like a police light and only sorts itself out if you reset the...
  6. Phantom_A4

    Numberplate Lights

    Hi Guys, After trying a few bulbs to see if I could get away with using normal led 39mm festoons (which failed) I did a bit of research and ended up giving in and buying the £30 ones, which are epicly bright how ever still throwing up the light out warning. They are the ones you can buy...
  7. Phantom_A4

    Sprint Blue DTM

    Hi Guys, I've been on here for quite a while and was going to buy another B5 S4 to play with, but decided to go for a B7 instead. Bought her on Saturday, unfortunately the clutch died last night so not many pics. I'm looking to do a few engine mods so any suggestions are welcomed, as well...
  8. Phantom_A4

    Basic DIY guide

    Hi guys, thought this may help. Sifting through my favorites links. I have used some of the guides on here and found them quite useful. Hopefully this may help some of you. Audi S4 B5 articles
  9. Phantom_A4

    Forge Split R Bovs + S4 Hose Kit

    Hi guys, I have 2 Forge Split R's available and an Autobahn 88 silicone hose kit for an S4 with f pipes. They are only a few months old, never used and only been out once to have a look. I'm only selling as i purchased a fast intentions full exhaust and these won't be going on the car...
  10. Phantom_A4

    S4 Help!

    Hi guys, i'm back again as i now have the funds for the s4 and a few mods. I was wondering whether anyone would be able to help/recommend a few bits that i'm looking to upgrade straight away. Any help is appreciated. 1. Re-circ DV 2. cat back + 200 cell cats 3. Recommended oil to use? - as...
  11. Phantom_A4

    Audi Sport Tribute

    Hi Guys, haven't been on for a while, hope you are all doing well with no problems. I've just finished a new body shell for my hpi rs4 and thought i'd pop some pics up. Hope you like!!
  12. Phantom_A4

    2005 2.0tdi tranny problems

    Hi just a quickie, a friend of mine has a 2005 2.0tdi with 50k on the clock and mainly does motorway mileage. He seems to be having a problem with his transmission, mainly the clutch slipping i believe, with a lot of smoke petruding from the bonnet. Has anyone else had these problems? He's...
  13. Phantom_A4

    S4 Help! :)

    Hey Guys, Anyone with an S4 want to give me the low down on what it's like to live with everyday? Problems you've incurred and things to look out for apart from the obvious! :) I'm 20, 21 in August so it's a big thing for me to get an S4. Already have an insurance quote and it's not too...
  14. Phantom_A4

    Bye for now!

    Hi guys, Unfortunately i have sold my A4, which went last night to a really good chap, so i know she's in good hands. Appologies to phil for not getting you a step by step guide!! I have told him that this is the best enthusiast site around for any audi, and that you guys have always been...
  15. Phantom_A4

    Another shocking modder?

    Not quite as untasteful as some but here you go. Always had a soft spot for the toaster bonnet!! The kits not bad, love the colour....even had nice white leather. But what the hell??
  16. Phantom_A4

    Replacement Rear Top Mounts

    Hi guys, just a quickie. Does anyone know of any make of 'uprated' top mounts, as mine have begun to start knocking......need a new set, so better get some stronger ones than normal, as the suspension is under a lot more pressure than usual. Thankies!!
  17. Phantom_A4

    NWC Tuning S4!!

    NWC Tuning - That doesn't sell any tuning parts, only cosmetic and audio? NWC WEBSITE The flourescent wheels definetely make it stand out :) Apparently its a tuned S4 :). Cant make your company car stand out much better than this!!
  18. Phantom_A4

    S4 Vid

    Absolutely love the rings made of cars!!! Sounds so horny! CLICKY!!!
  19. Phantom_A4

    1.8T Question

    Hi guys, time has come for me to part with my 2.4v6, unfortunately there aren't enough cost effective power modifications i can do it. I've only just turned 20 so most other cars are out of my reach at the moment, unless i get a pay rise :P and really love the b5 shape. So I am currently...
  20. Phantom_A4

    RS6 Full Specs and Options

    Does anyone know where to source this info, cant seem to ifnd it on or on the web at all!!