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  1. RPB

    Car battery - is this still the dogs danglies? E44 Varta Silver 77Ah, (577400078)

    As per topic. Is this still a good battery to get? E44 Varta Silver 77Ah, (577400078) Varta DIN: 577 400 078 Thanks all. I hope you’re all doing ok at the moment? Regards, Richard.
  2. RPB

    Fault code for defective heated wing mirror

    Is there an error code for a defective heated wing mirror? Near side one doesn’t seem to be working (only one chance to test it so far), although it auto dims ok. Tonight is the first almost frost I’ve been out in to see it not working. Lol. T.I.A. folks, [emoji1303][emoji3]
  3. RPB

    Disappointing Michelin PS4 tread wear....

    As title, 4 tyres have been on the car for only 15400 miles over 23 months and are now only 3 to 3.5mm of tread left! WTF? At that rate of wear, they will be removed (2mm left) by the time they hit 18000 miles. Considering that does not include any spirited country lane or track driving and I am...
  4. RPB

    How much are S3 rear springs? Audi ones, not modded. Thx

    As per title folks thanks. 2011 S3, rear springs.
  5. RPB

    me sat nav's lost the plot!

    Hi all, Was driving home tonight and just noticed the sat nav was miles off and had me off road! LOL. Didnt update porperly at all the whole ride home. Not sure how long it may have been like it. Is there a way of getting it to reset somehow? Just on/off did nothing. What concerns me is that I...
  6. RPB

    Opinions please on battery symptoms.......

    Folks I am after honest opinions please on the following symptoms I had today with my S3 battery. Get to car in my garage at 12pm, first start up of day, car has stood in garage for 14 hours. Car turns over sluggish but starts after only a couple of seconds. Off I go to shop around 7 miles away...
  7. RPB

    RNSE pin entry code and Audi!!!

    Hi All. I've had my S3 from new 5 years ago and this morning the RNSE asked me for a pin entry code. It has never done that before. The battery has not been disconnected or loose as all of my odometer and 2nd odometer readings are all still ok, I.e they have not reset. So, should I have a code...
  8. RPB

    So folks, your experiences please! PS4 or Asymm 3???

    As per thread title folks. I am after your opinions please. Am about to get rid of my worn out Asymm 2's and want to know which to buy next, the PS4's which have won yet another tyre test, or the Asymm 3's which seemed to not do so well on this tyre test. TBH, they are both very similar for me...
  9. RPB

    Anyone had Audi price match for new tyres?

    As topic really. Just wondering what 'proof' they asked for in order to match the price. I have my winter tyres stored at Audi so use them for my yearly swap around when required. It's about time I binned my 2.5mm Assym' 2's and got me the 3's :)
  10. RPB

    S3 Headrests! Ffs!

    Is there anyway to adjust an S3 headrest backwards? My stupid shaped head keeps tapping the rest and it really pi55es me off. I want the seat where it is, I want the angle of it where it is but I just cannot seem to get away from the ****** head rest. There must be a way to adjust the forward or...
  11. RPB

    My Move To Adrian Flux...

    Thanks Dan for the new insurance policy today! Although not a lot cheaper than my renewal with my previous company, it was the changes to my excess which I wanted as well that made me swap to you. Thanks for the help. Rich.
  12. RPB

    My Ibis White S3 and Nick at cleandetail............

    Various photos of Nick's work. A top job really well done :) Usual very involved wash process Clay bar used 2 stage machine polish Gyeon MOHS+ on paint, 3 layers, each layer infra red baked on, then final Gyeon Phobic top layer. Polish on top of that to cover it for a few weeks also Gyeon view...
  13. RPB

    Ibis White S3 detailed by Nick at cleandetail

    My Ibis White Audi S3 after Nick at cleandetail worked on it - Detailing World
  14. RPB

    2011 S3 hazard light flash

    So, I walk up to my car, press key fob once, get in and as I sit down I notice the hazard lights flash only twice I think it was. By the time I notice it they have stopped. I don't see it often, but what the hell does it mean?
  15. RPB

    Never mind my S3, I want an RS6! There, i've said it! LOL

    Been tormenting myself watching clips of the most awesome car that is the RS6. WOW!! I want one.
  16. RPB

    Discussion time! Moving from Shark stage 1 to Revo stage 1 (with linear throttle map)

    Anyone here got the Revo linear throttle map? Whats it feel like under normal road driving? Seeing as Revo have a nice 35% discount if you swap to them I am a little tempted. Don't get me wrong, I have not found anything wrong with my Shark map that makes me want to swap, lets get that straight...
  17. RPB

    S3 AWD - Is it permanently on?

    As per topic, is the 2011 S3 AWD permanent? I had a slow speed island skid that really annoyed me for a car that is AWD. I don't expect to lose the back end at 25 mph.
  18. RPB

    S3 coolant level, thoughts please.

    Hi all, I have had my S3 now for just over a year (wow, that has flown!) and the coolant level was on the minimum line of the expansion tank so I put in some more Audi stuff (ffs, how much?) I cannot see any leaks, so over time where is this going? LOL. Even though it is supposedly a sealed...
  19. RPB

    S-Tronic and a weird 'no gear selected' problem at traffic islands

    I have the S-Tronic gearbox on my S3 and have had the following issue I would say around 3 times since owning this car from new. I do have a Shark ECU map and a Shark DSG map. I am in M mode, coming up to a traffic roundabout, as the traffic is not moving I do not manually change down gears as I...
  20. RPB

    Help with My Garage please

    Hi :) As title, how do I put a car into My Garage? There are no menu's or options for me to edit my garage. Thanks.