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    SQ5 Eml help

    Hello does anybody know before i take my car to garage and most likely be left thousands out of pocket why my eml comes on and car in limp mode? no dpf light,no emissions control just eml light had it plugged it and says excessive soot i have the vcd read outs i will attach to this post if...
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    SQ5 Discs and pads?

    Right not sure whether to go main dealer and pay there super inflated prices or go elsewhere?? What has other people done? And whats the best option please i want good performance brakes for as cheap as possible really my discs are 380mmx36mm vented disc
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    SQ5 Emission light and eml?

    Hello guys my car has been parked up for over a month now and been started here and there once a week,not really been driven now my emission light is on and eml is on with it flashing and its in limp mode the car hasnt had a good run for a while i feel like it needs a good few junctions on a...
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    SQ5 Audi sq5 bonnet

    Right guys il make this small basically bumped my car require a new bonnet also been looking for a while to match my colour my sq5 is 64plate and theres a bonnet on the bay for model year 09-12 with my paint code brilliant black ly9b i know its prefacelift and the grill changed etc etc would it...
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    a3 humming

    2013 a3 sline had the car around 10months now been great BUT about 4 months ago around exactly 55-60 there is a hum sound it hums then goes then hums almost immediately and goes can only hear it with radio off and heaters off, sounds like its coming from passenger footwell its hard to say but...
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    had my audi for 5 -6 months iv noticed well my friend brought it to my attention when he was sitting in the passenger seat in the front, mainly long drives like motorway i notice it kicks in more, well its sounds and feels like a phone is vibrating, it sounds repatative and can only hear it if...
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    a3 wing mirror water

    does anybody no how/and why water has got inside my wing mirror indicator bit? there is no visible damage to the exterior of my mirror,all lines are tight aswell so its quite odd why this has happened never taken it off before isit the usual prize the top half from the bottom half?or do i need...
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    Heater matrix

    Alryt ppl as you no it's cold at the minute and guess who has no heater in the car?,yeah me 201o A3 only blowing out tepid air?? Tried bleeding the coolant system for 30-40minutes no luck, today iv had the thermostat replaced no luck although if i turn the heater matrix on 1 or 2 bars it's a...
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    does anybody no if you replace your steering wheel do you need to get it retracked to sit centre again ?
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    bls engine parts

    alryt ppl noticed the weekend radiators leaking just abit instead of putting that crap inside i was thinking get a second hand unit so its put to bed also when doing that i suspect my intercooler has a leak black oil at the bottom of it also dripped down on to undertray plus i think i can hear...
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    rs3 3door rep lol

    who has seen this 2007 1.6 rs3 replica n ebay its absurd
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    Weave in my rear wheel

    As mad as it sounds guys thats it, giving my a3 abit of tlc this morning checking oil levels , topped up the coolant etc , then checked tyre pressures then as i was checking my rear wheel i noticed there was hair! Wrapped around my caliper,inner alloy and round the back of the hub and up the...
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    2009 sb rear door

    hi all iv been meaning to put up a thread about this problem iv been experiencing with my rear passenger door (childseat side) never had a problem with my doors till about 2 weeks ago.parked up vehicle as usual went round the other side to get the nippa out his child seat in the back left...
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    audi tt rnse

    just a quick question ppl, my brother has recently bought a ttrs 2012 but has took out his rnse, and agreed to give it me for my car at a cheap price (09 sline sportback) cheap price only being that I fit it in my car, obviosley I no the bottoms of them are different but was thinking isit...
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    concert radio broken distorted sound

    hi guys had a look in previous threads couldn't really find a situation quite like mine anyways I have a standard concert system although I uprgraded my speakers to bose, iv been noticing my concert stereo doesn't really like to play cds at a high quality as it jumps a second or asiff the disc...
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    8p3 sb oil

    just a question guys about my a3. I have owned it since august last year but didn't actively drive it until February as I waited for my other car insurance to expire, but anyways i haven't checked the service interval on the trip computer , there's no service lights or eml on!. I check the oil...
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    a3 rear bumper splitter s3 rs3 sline

    hello people iv been looking recently at possibly making the rear of my 09 sb more good looking as at the moment I just have a black ugly standard diffuser initially I have been looking for the sline twin bar splitter with the double exhaust pipe hole but this part is proving rare and when 1...
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    a3 sb spacers

    alryt ppl just been thinking the last few days about getting some spacers to bring my alloys out from the car I don't think the front wheels look that bad, but as for my back ones the alloys definitely are more in the car suppose I would like to just bring them level with my arch face and...
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    This light just come on my dash?

    Just driving my car and this light has come on Believe it to be the dpf light meaning that it's going to do a regen? Light has never come on before but iv had to pop in the in laws now I'm just waiting worried want to leave and get my car sorted what shall I do guys please somebody help me
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    2009 a3 sb coolant flush

    just a quick question really for somebody who has actually done this to there a3 im going to flush my coolant system and put sum fresh coolant in tomorrow supposed to be really nice weather, been up to my local tps earlier today and got some coolant going to do it tomorrow afternoon but just...