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  1. maui

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    After 3 years to the day, and 93,000 miles - I had my final farewell to my trusty B9. Certainly had plenty of memories / experiences with it over the years and has been a solid workhorse. The great: - MMI is fantastic, and I am yet to come across any other system which comes close in terms of...
  2. maui

    Anyone else’s Data connection died today?

    MY17 with Tech pack - so 3 yr licenses, and has the built in data connection (not using external SIM) Was absolutely fine yesterday, had data all the way home, however jumped in it today, drove 1/2 hour with no data at all. MMI has a white cross through the signal where the signal for the...
  3. maui

    Accident Repair Expectations... Too fussy?

    After being without my A4 for 2 weeks to the day, I finally got it back from an Audi dealership's body repair centre (won't drop names yet) in Sussex. Was in for a scuff accident repair to bumper/light from 3rd party changing lanes into the o/s front of my car :( First letdown was being told it...
  4. maui

    B9 Towing Mirrors?

    This is driving me absolutely crazy! Has anyone else managed to find secure / reliable towing mirrors which fit on the B9 mirrors? I lost both of my clamp on type this weekend, as they just will not stay on where the mirror is curved on the inside. I’ve got a couple of different strap based...
  5. maui

    Driver Assist Package with Towing

    So first time towing with the A4 since I got it! First leg of journey went well (aside from awful traffic). Real test is tomorrow where I will be doing 660 miles. I was towing a Folding Camper, which pretty much 1T, and it drove fine! Did not feel any lack of power, and car was still able to...
  6. maui

    Maui's 3 Month Review *LONG READ*

    Well it's been almost 3 months, and pretty much 6,500 miles on the clock now. Thought I might as well write up a little review about how I am getting on with the car, and some observations! So - some background to my use of the car. As some of you are aware, I cover ±700 miles per week, most of...
  7. maui

    Chipped already :0(

    700 miles in and huge chip appeared on bonnet! [emoji20] gutted is not the word, right down to alu skin too. Crazy thing is I don't recall anything hitting it! One of those things, but disappointing in less than week of owning - will see if work want to do anything about it. Sent from my...
  8. maui

    Parking / Handbrake auto apply?

    Whilst the handbrake will happily disengage, I find that when I park and stop the engine, it does not in the Audi? Anyone else find that? In the Golf the handbrake automatically came on as I unclipped my belt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. maui

    Things to check on collection day

    Thought it might be helpful, and possibly to add a sticky for general and A4 B9 specific things to check for when collecting your car from the dealer. Looks like there can be inaccuracies with numerous items so based on what I have read here I thought I would start a list. Please feel free to...
  10. maui

    Order placed!

    Just had my lease approved, so should be ordered very soon - already getting excited! Here's the spec: A4 Saloon S-Line in Matador Red w/ 2.0 TFSI 190 S-Tronic and 18" Diamond cut alloys Extras: Black Leather / Alcantara seats Tech Pack Virtual Cockpit Driver Assist - Tour Multi-colour LED...
  11. maui

    Prospective Buyer

    Hey all, New to the forum, and to Audi, looking at getting an A4 2.0 TFSI S-Tronic Saloon Sport. Had a test drive of an the 2.0 TDI 190PS Avant S-Line, which is not quite the spec I was looking for, but was all my local dealer could offer! It did have the Virtual Cockpit which was very...