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  1. si_reading

    170PS increasing to 204PS ?

    Not sure on that tuning box on the 170 but the company DTUK are ok to deal with I've had them trading on my car forums for awhile now tuning diesel vauxhalls.
  2. si_reading

    Updated pics, now slammed on coilovers, and more!

    Looks good mate - do like it!!
  3. si_reading

    My A3 - new mods!

    Stunning mate - everything you've done looks perfect imo :)
  4. si_reading

    Bye bye A3, hello TTS!

    Looks very nice mate. Saw a white near my work the other week and that looks cool too.
  5. si_reading

    My A3 - Update

    Really does look good Boydie :)
  6. si_reading

    The wait is finally over...The New S3 is here!

    Looks smart mate - lovely motor :)
  7. si_reading

    Lamin-X as well as facelift taillights fitted to S3

    Facelifts look really good actually, not seen them before!!
  8. si_reading

    White S3

    They do seem to be getting more and more popular now not just in Audi's seen quite a few new cars in white like RR Sports, XK's, etc.
  9. si_reading

    New wheels on - Beware it's a BMW!

    Looks ace, top choice there pal!
  10. si_reading

    Coilovers & 19s on

    OMG not seen this thread before! Looks awersome mate!! Top choice of rimage. :)
  11. si_reading

    New S3 Front End--Pics!

    Looking good mate. Very nice mod that :thumbs:
  12. si_reading

    New RS4 Replicas

    I has rep RS6's on my back A3 looked good got them from Wheelbase. They are soft though a bent two of mine lol.
  13. si_reading

    New RS4 Replicas

    Lambo rims:
  14. si_reading

    Call of duty 4

    My gamertag is: SiReading Just started playing it online its quite good, although i'm not that good at it yet!
  15. si_reading

    The 170 story so far....

    Mines gone over 10k now had the light on twice, once it crapped up and was recovered into Audi. But went off the second time. Came on over christmas/new year when I was only doing short trips so never really got hot. Seems fine now!
  16. si_reading

    19" on s-line avant

    We've got a B7 S-line saloon on 19's. It's not lowered or anything just on standard s-line suspension. Look alright and ride isn't much different to the orginal 18's from what I've noticed. Obviously the tyres aren't as deep so have to watch for some pot holes you'd just fly over on standard...
  17. si_reading

    Some S3 porn

    Brill thanks, will give them two a look into!
  18. si_reading

    Some S3 porn

    Looks ace :) Tempted to get mine done by someone (if there is anyone in north west that does it).
  19. si_reading


    Yeah they are same size, I got S4 silver mirrors on my A3 as S3 ones wheren't out when I bought them.
  20. si_reading

    New wheels for S3

    I'm not too sure about them to be honest either.