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  1. DanSheldon92

    SQ5 Centre Console Wrap

    Anyone else with a newer Q5/SQ5 wrapped the gloss black bit in the centre console? My cars just over a couple of weeks old and you can see it's already getting scratched up. Also, anyone know if it's relatively easy to take apart?
  2. DanSheldon92

    SQ5 Seat Cover

    Weird question, can anyone recommend a drivers seat cover that fits over the big bulky SQ5 seats? I had one off amazon for my S3 I had to rip it to fit it over. Needs something to cover the seat after a muddy bike ride!
  3. DanSheldon92

    Q5 Q5/SQ5 Roof Bar Question

    Hey everyone, My new SQ5 finally came yesterday, was looking at button the roof bars on right away paired with my pro ride for the bike. I couldn’t work out the rubber strips that come with the bars? On the wing bars I had on my S3 those strips had a slip in them so I could slide the bike rack...
  4. DanSheldon92

    SQ5 Facelift SQ5 Arriving Next Week.

    Hi all, Exciting times, I've parted ways with my S3 and ordered a new SQ5 which I'm due to collect next week, got a really good deal on it too! Has anyone else got one yet, really eager to see some pictures of the real thing in Navarra Blue! There's a couple of videos on Youtube from UK...
  5. DanSheldon92

    For Sale Audi S3 8V BCS Powervalve Resonator Delete

    BCS Powervalve Resonator Delete Pipe for my S3 (8V) taken off my car Today as I've sold the S3. This really is a must-have, it has the anti-drone pipe and it really does make the car sound much beefier! lots more pops and crackles when installed with a deep exhaust note. Not covered too many...
  6. DanSheldon92

    S3 Black Edition - Diamond Cut Wheel Tar Removal

    Hi all, I took ownership of my S3 a couple of weeks ago now, I'm a bit of a clean freak so have A LOT of cleaning products, however I've never really kept on top of my alloys. I've also got an 8P A3 Black Edition and the alloys on that are in a right state. (Diamond Cut) The wheels on the S3...
  7. DanSheldon92

    New Install! - Sound Quality?

    Hi guys, I'll be installing one of these into my Black Edition A3 (Full Bose System) sometime next week. Just wanted to ask out there, in terms...
  8. DanSheldon92

    What's the purpose of this?

    Hi All, Sorry to sound stupid I've got a 2012 black edition A3 , but what is the function of the smaller cut out next to the cup holder? It bugs me that It seems to have no use at all and that it could have been made bigger so i could have 2 cups!. (Also bugs me now i've noticed how dirty that...