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  1. knoxie

    Member Name ?

    My last name is Knox, my school nickname was knoxie and it stuck, that was until one night. My boss's wedding, we all camped out in his field and all us workers got totally smashed on the free booze, as you do I copped off with the shop girl and shared my tent with her, I woke up in the morning...
  2. knoxie

    Tax Disc Holders List.

    thanks guys :) im interested
  3. knoxie

    Tax Disc Holders List.

    sorry if iv missed something but is there a pic somewhere? im interested but not if it looks gash haha
  4. knoxie

    am i mad?

    haha i love everyones responses :) i think my faith has been restored thanks guys :)
  5. knoxie

    am i mad?

    i dont think the missus is gunna have it tbh lol iv had two non gt/i 's before and love them!!! i had an ax debut 1.0 for my first car suppose thats why i like them so much
  6. knoxie

    am i mad?

    not always about speed mate, its mint and a dying breed
  7. knoxie

    am i mad?

    the thing is as soon as i get rid of the s3 i know i will want it back!! think i should keep it
  8. knoxie

    am i mad?

    im really getting the urge to sell my s3 and buy another one of these bags of sh*t....
  9. knoxie

    I went to Whitby Sea Fishing

    love a bit of sea fishing!! dont really get time anymore :( heres a pic of my first ever fish off a boat, was a pants day and this was the biggest we managed to get haha and heres one from another day
  10. knoxie

    You know Christmas is coming when...

    haha xmas dont start for me untill i see the coca-cola advert :)
  11. knoxie

    9/11 ...where were you

    i was at school such a sad thing, my step mums aunt used to work there and called in sick that morning
  12. knoxie

    Beached Audi A4

    haha thats funny!!
  13. knoxie

    Random pic

    me on a daily routine today, god i love my job!!! nice city drive home
  14. knoxie

    Random pic

    i have these in my top drawer ;-)
  15. knoxie

    Custom external stickers?

    where can i get some made? i want this image anyone know someone? someone on here? thanks knoxie
  16. knoxie

    Lottery winners first purchase?

    i would buy a street!!! move all my family in and make it a private road with massive gates ect. then pay all family debts off and go on holiday for a year whilst a castle was built for me :)
  17. knoxie

    Olympic Twatt Of The Games Award

    my appolagies his name actually is henry :-s
  18. knoxie

    Olympic Twatt Of The Games Award

    haha prince henry!! how could they get that wrong?
  19. knoxie

    Random pic

    my parrot loving the nice weather on a walk my son (the little one) and my nephew on a walk :)