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  1. L1ARR

    Facelift Dent Removal Recommendations

    I am looking for a dent removal specialist in South London. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. L1ARR

    Alcantara Upgrades

    Hi All, Am thinking about have a few pieces of trim covered in Alcantara. Can anyone recommend a decent trimmer who is sensibly priced, any pointers based on experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. L1ARR

    Selling up

    If anyone with a Nardo FL is considering selling up a close friend of mine is on the hunt for one. Looking for a decent spec in good condition, don't hesitate to reach out.
  4. L1ARR

    Wanted Audi Roof Box and Bike Racks

    I am not desperate but am on the hunt for Genuine Audi roof mounted Bike racks (upto 4) and a Genuine Piano Black roof box ideally 300L. No roof bars required as I already have these. If anyone has any of these lying around please don't hesitate to message me. Cheers
  5. L1ARR

    For Sale Audi TTRS / RS6 / S3 DSG Steering Wheel

    In immaculate condition with no tears or rips in the leather, DSG perforated black leather multi functional steering wheel for sale. Will fit Audi TTRS / RS6 / S3 Happy to answer any additional questions or provide any further pictures on request. Sold without an Airbag. Looking for...
  6. L1ARR

    Sold Audi S3 DSG in Rare Suzuka Grey (Fully Documented Service History)

    Having owned this immaculate Audi S3 for for some 8½ years. It was purchased by myself in 2011 from Hatfield Audi with only 8k on the clock. The car is immaculate and comes with a fully documented comprehensive service history, currently at 64k with a combination of Audi and Independent...
  7. L1ARR

    Wanted 2x Pirelli P Zero 255 / 35 / 19 RO2

    Am looking for 2 P Zero's, they don't need to be new but can't have puncture repairs or sidewall damage. Only needed as an interim as my current ones are starting to wear on the canvass, typical FL issue.
  8. L1ARR

    For Sale BBS Super RS 18" (Staggered set up)

    BBS Super RS 2 piece forged Staggered set up (pics to follow) The wheels have recently been dismantled, polished and rebuilt to the following spec. Polished lips and polished Hex caps, brushed faces with clear coat, insets painted Space Grey and barrels painted Satin black. The wheels come with...
  9. L1ARR

    For Sale Audi Wingback Recaro's with Carbon side inserts.

    I am having a sell up on parts from my 8P S3. (Pics to follow) Audi Wingback seats (manual adjustment) with heated element. These have no logos on them so would be perfect for any VAG car, have been in the car from new and were a costly option. There are no tears or rips in the leather...
  10. L1ARR

    MY 19 spec cars

    Have spoken with 2 dealers in the past 24 hours who have confirmed that the order books will re open for the RS3 in week 4 of 2019. Individual colours will be able to be able to be ordered from June. Have placed my name on a waiting list with a dealer, no deposit required and still have managed...
  11. L1ARR


    So today I placed a deposit on a new Catalunya Red sportback will be driving it on sat. It was a cancelled order so I have saved £5k on list, spec is pana roof, sports seats stitched in red, red calipers, sound & comfort pack, wider fronts, sports exhaust, black optics, folding mirrors, alu...
  12. L1ARR

    Catalunya Red

    Morning All, I am keen to understand everyone's thoughts on Catalunya Red, wanting to know what it's really like in the flesh. Audi call it Metalic but what's it like in the sun does the paint pop etc. I have been offered a car in this coulour with black pack, any new pics would really help...
  13. L1ARR

    Drop Links Advice

    I am looking to change my front drop links due to wear and tear and am wondering if it's worth upgrading them from OEM to an aftermarket alternative. The car suspension is standard but I have been thinking about putting H&R springs on. If I put the H&R's on is it necessary to upgrade the drop...
  14. L1ARR

    Help P2188 / P1531 Fault Codes

    I recently had the EML come on, ran VAG-COM and it confirmed the following codes. Keen to check I am thinking correctly and what I need to rectify the problems. 2 Faults Found: 008584 - Bank 1; System too Rich at Idle P2188 - 008 - Freeze Frame...
  15. L1ARR

    RS3 Rear Diffuser

    Hi Dave, Can you give me a price on a diffuser for the RS 3, I believe it comes in 2 pieces. Cheers
  16. L1ARR


    Guys, My S3 needs new rear rubber. Am not replacing with Bridgestone's as have been looking into Goodyear Eagle F1 Asym, the reports have been very positive as an all round tyre. Does anyone know where there any good deals currently? Am thinking of replacing all 4 if I can get a bargain...
  17. L1ARR

    A big thanks...

    I have already posted this in the Insurance section. Over the years of speaking to idiots who have a "computer said no" mindset or are completely brain dead. I decided to give SKY Insurance a go as my policy was up for renewal. The team are very helpful and seem to have a genuine interest in...
  18. L1ARR

    Audi S3

    Hi, Can someone please pm me, have been holding for 15 mins waiting for a quote. Many Thanks Richard
  19. L1ARR


    Guys am currently a S3 owners with the Buckets and I love them. Have been speaking to various dealers to find availability of a RS3 with them, currently there doesn't seem to be much around with the spec i want. Can you give me some input on the standard chairs and if anyone has ran both at some...
  20. L1ARR

    Stolen RS3

    Just been on Twitter and seen this post. @MeridenNHT: Just stolen an Audi RS3 reg no DA62BHW from NEC, dial 999 if seen Hope they catch the scum who nicked it.