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  1. Wozski

    WHT 001 002

    Looking for this part need 4 of to fasten front bumper to car... They seem not only hard to got hold of but expensive for what they are.... Does anyone have any spare or where I can get my hands on some Sent from my M2007J17G using Tapatalk
  2. Wozski

    Wheel bolt size

    I'm removing my locking nuts and need replacement bolts... What sizes are they and where is best place to get them from. Thanks Sent from my M2007J17G using Tapatalk
  3. Wozski

    Part numbers

    Was looking on the parts database but it's not working for me. Can anyone give me part numbers for The large dome torx screw's that fasten on the top of the bumper from underneath the bonnet. The fasteners that secure the bumper from the side behind the wheel liner? ( 2 either side ) Many...
  4. Wozski

    Oil leak

    There appears to be an oil leak coming from my turbo. Is it a simple fix or am I looking at a large repair bill? Any help greatly appreciated Sent from my M2007J17G using Tapatalk
  5. Wozski

    Rear brakes

    I recently freed up my rear brake calipers as they were binding. This morning I've gone for a drive and the heat and smell coming from them was insane. What could this be? Change the pads and rotors?? Cheers Sent from my M2007J17G using Tapatalk
  6. Wozski

    Stiff door hinges

    As per title my passenger drivers side door has become increasingly harder to close.... I've cleaned the hinge thoroughly and put lithium grease on it. It seemed to become easier to close but recently it's gone harder to close again.... Any ideas on what to do on this one? Cheers Sent from my...
  7. Wozski

    OE numbers rear brake disc and pads

    Looking for replacement pads and discs for rear of my b7 2.0 TDI. Thanks Sent from my Mi 9 Lite using Tapatalk
  8. Wozski

    Wanted Audi A4 B7 Seat Bolts

    As per title Regards
  9. Wozski

    Pad / Combo ...

    Got a 2007 b7 in Mauritius blue and need to overhaul my current setup since i started a good ten years ago with my da. Is anyone able to recommend a good pad polish combo for me please?
  10. Wozski

    Light Question/ Advice?

    I have a standard setup but want to improve the bulbs at the front of the car. The Osrams i use last me a year for the main headlights and the parking lights ( the small bulbs ) . Is there a kit i can buy that wont cost me a small fortune to improve this situation? preferable LED Secondly i...
  11. Wozski

    Power steering fluid

    Confused It says to use G002000 but the bottles say G004000? Is this the same stuff? cheers
  12. Wozski

    Led brake light bulbs

    As per title after a few as my original keep blowing. Does anyone recommend any that don't give the error on dash. Thanks Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  13. Wozski

    Battery stopper part number?

    I've lost the stopper when replacing my battery and now my battery slides about. Can anyone tell me the part number or name of part I need please? Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  14. Wozski

    Vag com

    Has anyone got one to scan my car and possibly to reprogram a part? South Wales Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  15. Wozski

    South Wales?

    Anyone have VC in south Wales area please Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  16. Wozski

    Error supply voltaGE B+ 00532

    Help people I was changing my light in my boot when it sparked. Now i have no light in my boot nor in my interior lights. I ran a test and get this message supply voltaGE B+ 00532 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Wozski

    Mauritius blue vinyl wrap?

    Looking for a vinyl wrap as close to my colour on my car as possible. Does anyone do this colour? Thanks in advance Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  18. Wozski

    Spraying outer brake discs??

    Has anyone sprayed their brake discs with a high temp clear lacqeur or similar to stop the rust from forming on the outer edges Spraying the outer edges only!!)? Is it safe to do so? cheers W
  19. Wozski

    Brake pads and discs

    OK so need to replace my worn brakes on front of my car. I'm certain they are 280mm discs but the pads seen to be the issue when ordering with ecp! Some say they fit for my discs when some say they fit for 288 and 320mm. Any help would be great as my current pads look different to the ones they...
  20. Wozski

    Part needed and price?

    8E0 825 201 D Cheers Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk