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  1. TDI140

    S3 Forge short shift 1st gear issue

    hi all been a while im always reading posts barely write now but i have an issue with s3 to get it into first i have to push gear lever all the way to left then firward into first to select first before it was just left enough and then forward like smooth, all rest of gears are fine, I think...
  2. TDI140

    HELP is my cam belt a tooth out ? S3 8P

    hi all not posted for a while but having issues with my S3 8p tuner says my cam belt is out approx a tooth it was done 2000 miles ago so im abit annoyed as i went for remap and couldnt get it done due to it being out, got image of vcds scan below please can someone help me its goong back to...
  3. TDI140

    Been a while got a nasty rattle on S3 2009

    hi all its been a while since ive posted on here, im always reading the posts etc though, after a downward spiral after selling ym beloved air rided a3 i had s3 golf gti ed30 - k1 cupra and a dsg S3 which had issues now i have a 2009 s3 It has a rattle on startup as iv something is grinding /...
  4. TDI140

    S tronic slipping audi S3 anybody able to help

    Hi all its been a while I left the audi seen for bmw lol but i want to come back Going to go see an S3 sportback today but its got a few issues hopefully minor, 1. S tronic gearbox clutch is slipping in 4th gear and 5th gear at 3000rpm 2. TTRS LPFP is overheating at 120mph current owner...
  5. TDI140

    New S3 build thread -

    finally got another S3 Mods it had: Forge twintake Rev G New PCV valve R8 coil pack with uprated spark plugs Mods i want to do: New dipstick as this one is broken Bigger intercooler (already got one in garage) Uprated hpfp (already got one) RS4 fuel return valve Runner flap delete Milltek...
  6. TDI140

    Opinion on buying high mileage S3 ???

    hi everyone ive been gone for a while but im back lol and in need of advice I want an S3 again that i can keep and not sell ever again preferably a manual preferably ive seen a couple 2009 fully loaded sunroof etc but its on 92k miles it has full audi history no modifications or anything but...
  7. TDI140

    New a5 owner

    hello everyone i have purchased an audi a5 3.0tdi manual 2009 sport model 2door coupe, Last car was a stage 2+ 380bhp 2009 audi s3 auto and before that another stage 2+ 2008 s3 manual Before that an audi a3 2.0tdi bkd built from a sport model to show car spec air ride etc running 250bhp...
  8. TDI140

    Went to see an S3 but has faults please advise

    Hi all i havent oosted for a while, So ive sold my other s3 i had the 2008 one 8p2 I went to see a s3 today 8p3 2009 59 But it has faults with it so need advise on whether i should or should not buy it 1. Reving on idle by itself upto 2000rpm then back down then up again repeatedly 2...
  9. TDI140

    S3 coilover fitment please :-) quick question

    Hi everyone my s3 is back on the road finally doesnt seen logical to sell it after all the hassle and engine rebuild etc So coilover question Need to know if audi a3 sportback fwd coilovers will fit my audi s3 ?? They are 55mm struts just unsure as airride struts and bags all fit fwd and 4wd...
  10. TDI140

    Audi con, s3 pistons same but rods changed they are having me by the sacks

    So the block is being rebuilt but got. Aphone call from engine repair garage apparently audi have supplied the pistons which is great, but the rods are now different to the pistons that are now available for my car, so its another £500+ vat for connecting rods as the pin is slightly bigger for...
  11. TDI140

    BHZ block and pistons are they same as other TFSI block and pistons ?

    still not got my s3 fixed lol anyone help me and tell me if the TFSI block and pistons are the same in all TFSI engines ? Just the head amd turbos and manifolds are different ? Please help as theres loads of blocks available but no BHZ ones
  12. TDI140

    Got phone call for my s3 from garage not good news

    He fitted all the parts etc sprted it all out and its miss firing on cylinder one, the fault its throwig is maximum revs exceeded which is indicating piston is wrecked or valve is wrecked or its cracked the cylinder head, do these faults sound right ? And indicated those faults ? Im stuck on...
  13. TDI140

    Begging for help Figured out faults but smoke from oil cap ????? Really worried NOWW

    i figured out pcv pip is split leaking smoke Aswel as pcv leak/ gap But worryingly my oil cap was full off smoke when i removed it it poured out for over 10minz whats wrong ??? Im literally begging for help will the rocker cover replacement and pcv hose replacement stop this issue If...
  14. TDI140

    S3 tfsi HELP PLEASE bad idle everythin is messed up

    hi ive been having sissues with my s3 all week today i fitted pcv delete but managed to over tighten one screw its left a leak/gap on the valve/rocker cover Before fitting this i was having bad idle and when i reved it there was smoke coming into engine bay Now there's the same bad idle and...
  15. TDI140

    Please help, s3 engine rocking like crazy, lots of engine movement

    Hi ive gad engine issued for last two days, ive taken oil filler neck off and put oil cap onto the rocker cover, ive ordered PCV delete by revo which should be here tomorrow But my engine is rocking back and forward like crazy is that a pcv issue and i have iratic idle and loss of power/boost...
  16. TDI140

    Valve/rocker cover gasket leaking on S3 DIY ?

    Hi ive noticed my valve/ rocker cover gasket seeping oil very slowly can and should i replace this myself ? Or should I pay for it to be done ? It doesnt seem like a big job, coil pack off, disconnect all relevant hoses obstructing the rocker cover, undo all bolts and pcv, should be free for...
  17. TDI140

    In need of a Uprated clutch for my s3 its slipping

    Any links to clutch kits for me s3 BHZ engine code Its now stage 2+ producing 360.7bhp and 369ft lb torque feel amazing but slipping in fourth fifth quite badly So what clutches are recommended ? Anyone recommend a clutch kit ?
  18. TDI140

    S3 throttle body hose split how to fit new one ?

    Was drivig today booted it a bit on slip road amd suddenly juddering and revs jumping around means on thing boost leak got it home driving slowly turns out throttle body hose split, luckily i had already purchased a forge one but how do i fit it in such a Tight gap ? Do i need to unscrew the...
  19. TDI140

    Hpfp s3 how should internals look like after install pic inside

    Quick question is this how the HPFP finished product should look before instlled to the car after autotech internals are put into it ? Unsure ??
  20. TDI140

    Wierd noise after Fitted forge diverter valve kit on my s3

    i fitted a forge diverter valve on my s3 it holds boost noticably better with this, ive currently got the low boost yellow spring in there as its not yet mapped, but prblem im having is when i release throttle theres a tapping / flutter noise of metal on metal I know it makes a flutter sound...