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  1. Schizophonic

    Facelift Battery calibratuon

    Going to change my battery but I might not have access to vcds to do the calibration. My car is getting serviced in 2 weeks and if change the battery this weekend is it still safe to drive the car and etc? I'll of course ask the mechanic to do it when it's being serviced. Sent from my...
  2. Schizophonic

    Who wants a genuine Audi heads up display?
  3. Schizophonic

    Black Optic S3 grill > RS3 Honeycomb Grill

    I only have the boring grey plastic grill and was doing what all the cool kids do and upgrade to a honeycomb still grill but after looking at the American S3 Black Optic grill I think this will look more suitable to my car. Sorry for stealing this off someone's car but can someone confirm if...
  4. Schizophonic

    Another windscreen replacement question

    Hi, long story short CarAudioSecurity were working on my car and managed to crack the winsdcreen. My car is 2013 and I want it to be OEM like for like replacement. CarAudioSecurity has admitted liability to the damage and say they will reimburse the cost of the replacement windscreen through...
  5. Schizophonic

    Has anyone tried removing rear boot spoiler

    Following whats on Elsawin but it doesn't give much information. I've pulled the boot trim off and then had access to unbolted the 4 main bolts but the retaining clips are quite hard to disconnect. I'm contemplating to remove the boot lid to get access to the rear of the spoiler to separate...
  6. Schizophonic

    Upgrading Brakes on the 1.4 TFSI

    I've got my car on the ramp over the next few days while the garage works on my car and I want to use the opportunity for them to change my tiny OEM brakes to something a bit more aggressive and better looking. Does anyone know what current size is on the 1.4 TFSI (122bhp) model? Some...
  7. Schizophonic

    Elsawin B Column drawning

    Hi, brother has this car and needs to dismantle this part. Anyone got any screenshots or diagram how to pull this apart? Thanks.
  8. Schizophonic

    Someone has installed FL rear clusters on their P-FL 8V

    I'll leave this here Btw, those who's been following me this is the company who has provided me 'plug n play' rear looms to upgrade my halogens to LEDs. After a few problems and back and forth with the supplier I sent them back because they did not work as expected. I'm not bashing this...
  9. Schizophonic

    Does your stop start still work as normal?

    Don't know what it could be but noticed recently my stop start isn't working at all. When ever I drive the start and its up to temp when coming to stationary it doesn't engage. I dont have ac on or much electronics to affect this? I suppose the next step to diagnose is to run an ODBC scan...
  10. Schizophonic

    Where to go for In car Audio community

    Looking to upgrade my current sound system, visited CarAudiSecurity some times ago for some advise and they showed me a couple of products which looked good but its not a cheap option. I'm looking to see what alternatives I have or options to ask people who might know more. So are there any...
  11. Schizophonic

    PO PO Police

    Found this on IG. Found it funny. Hence the reason why if you see another s3 not to race it [emoji55]
  12. Schizophonic

    Do I still need my spare wheel (17") in the back of my car?

    I have aftermarket 19" wheels and I'm wondering if it will still be of any use if I swap out the wheel for any emergency use? Won't it be at a different size or be unusable? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. Schizophonic

    Where the hell is the BCM?

    Been taking off the panel beneath the steering panel and can't see it, taken out the glove box (which was a b1tch to do) and what I thought was the BCM, I wasn't sure. So this picture is under the glove box. Is it anywhere here? Is it the thing in the middle, I know what it looks like on the...
  14. Schizophonic

    Witnessed an accident. Captured on my dash cam

    Minor road accident captured by my dash cam this morning. How do I go handling in this footage to the correct authorities?
  15. Schizophonic

    Do I still need a spare wheel?

    I've got 19s aftermarket wheels but looking at the idea of getting an aftermarket sub to somehow sit in the spear wheel space. I know the answer myself but just want to hear your thoughts but do I need my spare wheel (which are 17s) in there or not? Ditch it and ask an installer to fabricate...
  16. Schizophonic

    Just been a victim of being keyed :(

    Came back from my sunday run, was parked in a public car park and this was greeting me. You just sometimes can't have nice things without people ruining it. Its deep, and when I was inspecting it, their was residue coming off it still. I've reported this to the police (non emergency crime)...
  17. Schizophonic

    Video how to remove interior roof lining lights

    Think this might be of use to some people who want to know how to prey open the lights to install brighter lights.
  18. Schizophonic

    New tyres. Go wider or same width?

    Getting my wheels refurbished and currently on 225/35. Have the opportunity to get some new rubber on two wheels but wondering if it's worth getting 235 or 225 tyres on premium manufacture. If I was to get wider or better makes, better to get them on the fronts or back? I assume fronts as for...
  19. Schizophonic

    Which fuse to tap for my audi a3 8v.

    Hello. I've purchased a thinkware 750 and need to hardware it. Just want to be sure which one. Do I need a 20 amp version or something else?
  20. Schizophonic

    So talk to me about tyres

    On my OEM 17" wheels, my MPG was somewhat respectable and I've changed the fronts only since owning from 2013. I was getting anything between 43 - 45 mpg on town driving and when on motoway doing 65+ I could get 48+ mpg I'm now got some Vossen CVTs 19" wrapped in some budget 225/35 tyres...