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  1. scottshere

    Rear bumper recommendations

    Looking for some advice on fixing my rear bumper Had a little bump and crushed the rear bumper on my avant Have had a few quotes and some say they can pull the bump out after warming it up and fill the rest Some say they wouldn't Anyone had the experience of a bumper repair?- Or someone that...
  2. scottshere

    What colour A6 Avant would you avoid?

    Looking at changing to a new A6 Seen a Red Black edition and not too sure about it Any thoughts? Not seen many about or even for sale So wondering if it's really unpopular Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. scottshere

    Winter car matts

    Anyone bought any winter car matts for the C7 at a reasonable price that are decent? Been looking through the ones on eBay and I'm not convinced Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. scottshere

    Tyres (again)

    More than likely been covered a shed load of times, but looking for some advise on some new rubber Seen these and was wondering if they would be good or not Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 235/35 R20 88 Y ZR, FP, N0 I believe the NO part at the end mean Porsche suitable or Porsche specific...
  5. scottshere

    Headlights question

    I noticed that the new cars (compared new Audi) have much brighter or should I say more white looking headlights Now I know I have Zenons (2013 build) Is it just a case of the bulbs getting old and changing colour or do they now fit a different bulb? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. scottshere

    Throwing a few miles on the clock through Europe

    First pic I've managed to get in Switzerland (It's done 1100 miles so far, so a little dirty) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. scottshere

    New Multitronic Gearbox after 40k

    So taken my car into Audi (JTC600) and had them look at a noise at same time as gearbox oil and engine oil change Turns out they say the noise is the gearbox and tell me they have managed to get it changed for free with Audi and I had to pay labour at £500 All sounds good with me getting a...
  8. scottshere

    Retrofit Reversing Camera C7

    Has anyone every retro fit a reversing camera? I've seen a few in EBay and look pretty cheap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. scottshere

    Any idea what the bottles mean?

    Does anyone know what these bottles mean? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. scottshere

    Lighting pack

    Just got myself the A6 Avant and don't think it has the lighting pack. However, it does have bulbs in the sun visors (can see them) But I have no idea how to get them to work I thought it would be as simple as dropping the sun visor when the headlights are on? I would also love to add the...
  11. scottshere

    Detailer Sheffield area

    Hi, Looking to get my car looking sharp Does anyone have any recommendations for this in my area or close? Need someone to have a look, give me quote etc Thanks in advance guys
  12. scottshere

    Any idea what the grill difference is for sport bumper?

    Needing a new centre grill for my 1.9tdi sport Seen quite a few on ebay, but not sure if they are different :huh:
  13. scottshere

    Another B6 to B8 question.... :-)

    Looking to change to a 2008 A4 avant (2.0TDI) Found one with 100k for around £8k As far as i can tell, the Hex shaft issue is not an issue with this model/age am i right? Guessing it maybe an ex company car with this milage, anyone bought one of these with experience to share? Ive never had...
  14. scottshere

    Anyone know a decent mechanic close to sheffield?

    Need a decent mechanic that knows Audi cars in or around Sheffield as i need a few things sorting and fed up of my current one guessing what maybe the problem...
  15. scottshere

    Key been through the wash

    Do you think its game over? Or could it just need reprograming through VCDS ? ( i am really really hoping so )
  16. scottshere

    Sach shock absorber

    Sach shock absorber. Are the any good? Replacing my front struts and these are available from europarts for £50 each... Worth it?
  17. scottshere

    B7 1.9 115bhp and B6 1.9 either 100/110/130 bhp.. Why ?

    I am wondering why there is a difference between the B6 and B7 1.9TDI with BHP Is it just a simple turbo swap to upgrade to 130bhp and could it be remapped up to 170bhp?
  18. scottshere

    B6 to B7 any advise welcome

    Hi guys/gals I have a B6 at the moment and looking to change to a 2007 2.0TDI avant The one i have seen has just short of 100k and the guy is wanting £7500 for it, does that sound about right? What do i want to be looking out for when i view it and ive read on here about the oil pump/balance...
  19. scottshere

    Brakes issue

    Had a clunking sounds for a while now when i brake most of the time. Sounded like top arm or something similar Replaced all of the 8 front arms, drop links, tie rod ends. Just replaced the CV joints today also. Still got the click/clunk when i brake. Would say its when i am almost stopped and it...
  20. scottshere

    Best place for a dirve shaft?

    Been told i need to replace my NS driveshaft Well told it would be better and easier to change it rather than the inner joint and not 100% confident the outer CV joint is in good condition Struggling to find a replacement, looking at recon ones and the only place i have found so far is Drive...