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  1. JordanQuattro

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Where abouts?? I'm in alwoodley. Not seen another one knocking around other than one in Bardsey!
  2. JordanQuattro

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    That's because it a back compound of an Audi centre!
  3. JordanQuattro

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    We have this beautiful S3 HB in at work at the moment.. Must be someone on here's @Si_S3 Do you live in leeds? I live in north Leeds, I'll keep my eye out for you!
  4. JordanQuattro

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Was the reg J44CKC?
  5. JordanQuattro

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Spotted a lovely looking S3 S/B in the Dexter pub in alwoodley this evening reg started YY65, sold by York Audi. Was Daytona (maybe monsoon, couldn't tell, it was dark!) with standard S3 grille. I didn't think that grey and aluminium would look good together but it looks cracking!
  6. JordanQuattro

    S3 Winter wheels ???

    They should fit your saloon no problem. I'm pretty sure Saloons have identical rotors and callipers to a sportback, hatchback or cabriolet. I can double check for you at work if you want @Nawaid?
  7. JordanQuattro

    S3 Winter wheels ???

    I'm just going to run my current wheels over winter but stick winter tyres on them. I think I saw conti's on black circles for £106 a corner? Seems fair to me as they should last me 2/3 winters (depending on how many empty car parks I can find when it does snow :smirk:
  8. JordanQuattro

    S3 Winter wheels ???

    @C2 DTN we have a full set of brand new winter wheels and tyres at work that are heavily discounted. They're for a mk3 TT, but if 17's fit over S3 brakes as they seem to in a post above, then these wheels will fit on your S3. Drop me a text tomorrow and I'll email you the specs. Off the top of...
  9. JordanQuattro


    I'm up for this! Manchester is my preference as its closest, but I'd go to Liverpool or Nottingham if they were the most popular choices. a couple of pals I work with would probably be up for this too, providing people don't mind a 2015 mini JCW and a BMW 235i joining the ranks?
  10. JordanQuattro

    [Oct 7th, 2015] Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Monthly Meet - Golden Ball Inn (Whiston)

    Apologies for standing you guys up at Octobers meet :disappointed: I promise I will be the at November meet come rain or shine! We are having a November meet on Wednesday 4th right?
  11. JordanQuattro

    A3/S3 8V MY16 Info/Rumour Thread

    A few of the sales guys from work have been to Austria with Audi for the Central Launch Training for the new A4. They were briefly shown the new A5 which would suggest to me that there isn't going to be a facelift A3 for at least 12 months. The new A5 is absolutely beautiful aswell apparently...
  12. JordanQuattro

    Instagram Accounts For A3 And S3 Owners...

    Can't find your username! All free to follow me @jwaterhouse88
  13. JordanQuattro

    Gapless music playback

    I've just checked what it does with a mixed CD in the CD drive and it plays it without a gap! :shrug:
  14. JordanQuattro

    Gapless music playback

    Evening chaps and chapesses' Something that constantly irritates me when im listening to music in the car is the gap between songs. When i'm listening to a mixed album that has each track separated, there is a gap of about 1.5 seconds between one finishing and the next one starting. Car is a...
  15. JordanQuattro

    [Sep 27, 2015] Cars In The Park 2015 (Autumn) (Leeds)

    I've got to be in Leicester for 10am that day so i wont be able to make it unfortunately :(
  16. JordanQuattro

    Are these alloys real?

    They aren't a wheel sold by Audi that's for sure. The image looks like a photoshop of the current A3, before the current A3 came out. Those headlights look like they are from an A5, the fog surrounds are from an A4/A5 SE.
  17. JordanQuattro

    Switching air on on / off stinks!

    Your AC needs regassing. £80 from Audi, £50/£60 at a garage.
  18. JordanQuattro

    Speaker Upgrade

    You could always do what @C2 DTN has done and add a B&O subwoofer. I think he said it cost £250 in total. The subwoofer is only £90 from Audi. That will improve the sound/volume a lot, as the speakers won't be working as hard producing bass, the subwoofer will take up the role of bass.
  19. JordanQuattro

    North Yorkshire Regional Monthly Mini-Meet - The Kestrel (Vintage Inn, Harrogate)

    Ayee I'm up for it! Pop my name down! Only 12 miles from me.