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  1. mancdan

    Replacement Head Unit for my 2006 A4, Single Din?

    Hi there, In my 2006 A4 Saloon I have the single DIN Concert CD head unit, No Bose, NO CD Changer. Is it easy to do a straight swap for an aftermarket head unit? Ideally I want something that I can plug my ipod into and maybe still has the ability to play a CD. Is this possible? Thanks all.
  2. mancdan

    Receipt for Balance Shaft Assembly, good or bad?

    Just recently purchased my third A4 2.0TFsi in the last 5 years. This one is a 2006 with 69k miles on the clock. Looking through the large pile of receipts I have come across the following from Sale Volkswagen - Audi: Supply & fit new balance shaft assembly £940.79 Oil pump chain £22.57 Chain...
  3. mancdan

    Thermostat or Temp Sensor??

    Hi all. I have had my 2.0 Tfsi for just over a week and noticed the temp gauge taking ages to get up to the 90 mark, probably 20 mins at least. Once it gets to 90, it will stay there if I am driving around town. However, as soon as I go on the motorway it drops to halfway between the 50 and 90...
  4. mancdan

    Another S-Tronic issue ££££?

    Please bare with me whilst I write war & peace: Car: 2009, 2.0 TFSi, Quattro, S-Tronic 7 Speed, mileage 104k. I have absolutely had it with this car, its been nothing but a money pit in the 15 months I have owned it. Nov 2013 - Oil Consumption Issue fixed FOC. Feb 2014 - Cam chain tensioner...
  5. mancdan

    Is this an S-Tronic characteristic?

    Hi all, I have a 2009, B8 A4, 2.0TFSi Quattro S-Tronic with 103k miles. Every now and then the S-Tronic box changes up to 7th gear too quickly, so I am in 7th gear at around 27mph. It probably happens every few weeks, and I think it is probably when the car is cold, but can't be 100% certain on...
  6. mancdan

    Ideas for what my car is worth??

    Hi all, I have been thinking about selling my car on here but have no idea what it is worth, so looking for ideas from you forumites in the knowledge. Had a look around on Autotrader & Pistonheads but hardly any around with the same spec & mileage. Spec as follows: 2009/09 B8 A4 Avant...
  7. mancdan

    Locking Wheel Nuts - what size

    My locking wheel nut key has started to slip and on closer examination looks like a couple of pieces of the metal have come away. I want to get some new ones but there seems to be loads of choice/options. (M12, M14, seat length, shaft length etc) My question is, how do I know the size of...
  8. mancdan

    Fault Code P0016

    My timing chain tensioner went 2 weeks ago causing damage to my inlet valves. Picked car up last Thursday after repair was complete. (New inlet valves, head skimmed, new timing chain & tensioner) 20 minutes later when I turned the car off then back on, an engine light came on. I also noticed...
  9. mancdan

    2009 2.0 TFSi will not start

    Hi all, Yesterday my 2009 2.0 TFSi Quattro would not start all of a sudden without any warning. I had travelled approx 10 miles on the motorway and a couple of miles on minor A roads, absolutely no problems, no warning lights and no unusual noises. I parked up outside a shop and turned the car...
  10. mancdan

    From B7 to B8

    Hi all, Have left the B7 forum to now join up with you all on the B8 forum. Just recently changed from saloon B7 2.0TFSi to Avant B8 2.0TFSi. Bought my B8 off another forum member too known as AJM. First question I have is regarding the colour, is this Misano Red?
  11. mancdan

    Should this item be shaking?

    Have just been topping up the oil on my 2.0TFSi and when I started up the engine I noticed this item was shaking quite a bit, is this normal? I'm not even sure what the item is, but as you can tell it is located right near the timing belt. Video taken from above. Hopefully someone can tell me...
  12. mancdan

    My 2005 Moro Blue A4 after a quick wash.

    Gave my car a wash last night with my usual Chemical Guys Citrus wash. Dried off with my Chemical Guys Elite super deluxe extra thick microfibre towel. Tyres dressed with Megs tire gel. (Note, my car was detailed approx 6 months ago & had a 2 stage machine polish & paint correction etc) Also...
  13. mancdan

    A4 B7 parts

    Hi There, Can you quote me happy for the following please: Alternator Belt, think its 06D903137E 2 x Front engine mounts. 2 x RS4 Front engine mounts. Car is 2005 B7 A4 2.0 TFSi, reg PL05 FUO. Thanks, Daniel.
  14. mancdan

    Your Opinions on these Advisories

    I had a full service carried out at Awesome GTI in Manchester on 04th March which was all fine, however they noted down quite a few Advisories which got me a little concerned. Now I know that they are exactly what they say, just advisories, but I wanted your views/opinions on which I should...
  15. mancdan

    Will these fit my A4?

    AUDI ALLOY WHEELS X4 17INCH 17" TT SILVER WITH TYRES | eBay Will these take 225/45 R 17 tyres and then fit on my A4 B7 2.0 TFSi sline? Its the 7.5J which I have a doubt over. I have a feeling I would need 7J to fit the 225 tyre size. Cheers, Dan.
  16. mancdan

    16" wheels on my 2.0TFSi??

    Hi all, I currently have 18" wheels on my B7 A4 with Falken 452 tyres all round, size 235/40 R18. I need to replace both front tyres so am weighing up my options for the following: A) Just replace 2 x front tyres with standard summer tyres. B) Purchase 4 x Winter tyres size 235/40 R18 - which...
  17. mancdan

    My Moro Blue A4 after a 2 stage polish.

    I had my eight year old car booked in for a bumper scuff repair 2 days ago, and the day after it went to in Oldham, Manchester for a 2 stage machine polish. I am very pleased with the results, the colour looks so much better now. The only downside is it makes my scuffed...
  18. mancdan

    Number Plate bulbs from T8ups - Before & After

    Got some number plate bulbs from T8ups last week and just got round to fitting them today. They are not LED's but as good as and a lot whiter than the standard horrible yellow bulb. Here are the pictures taken in daylight hours: Before and with standard bulbs: 50/50 shot - one new white...
  19. mancdan

    Emission Control warning Light, erratic idle speed = my car doesn't like motorways!

    I keep getting a problem whenever my car has been on a Motorway/dual carriageway run. I recently went from Manchester to Glasgow for the weekend and upon returning back to Manchester the Emission Control Warning light came on when I exited the Motorway after approx 4 hours driving. The light...
  20. mancdan

    XCarLink Review for A4 B7 model.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on the X-Car Link I recently installed in my A4 B7, 2005 model. The price I paid for the unit was £83.47 plus delivery from Installation Process: The installation was fairly simple once I managed to remove the Symphony Double Din unit using...