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  1. deano1978

    better late than never

    Never did say bye to this site :-( as I sold my b6 avant. Well I parted with it bout a month ago and got a 3 litre 3 series. I have to say iv joined 3 bmw forums and none of them can touch this site for friendliness,info,help! The motor had been an absolute pleasure to own and mod,but its...
  2. deano1978

    bv43 turbo to.......

    GTB2260VK So after much thought i decided the gtb1756 is not worth the extra 15-20bhp and have decided to go big. Gtb2260vk is capable 300bhp with correct set up,im aiming for 250bhp. Ive found a place that will supply some dssl injectors which will flow around the 300 mark. The 2260 will be...
  3. deano1978

    transverse or longitudinal

    Ok ive searched Internet,but still puzzles me,so which way is what in our motors,sorry for :think: question. Oh and question is because im thinking of getting a bigger turbo. Haha.
  4. deano1978

    New Location For Front Audi Rings

    Beings my rings are black,they hide in with the grill. Noticed the r8 has rings on bonnet. Now iv only drawn these rings on but u get the idea. If i go ahead it will be the rear rings as not as big
  5. deano1978

    Engine Fan

    To be honest,iv never seen or heard my fan running? Is this the norm?
  6. deano1978

    Those With Egr And Asv Delete

    So will this be ok on our motors??
  7. deano1978

    Air Con Q Again

    Thought id pick ur brains... Long story short,my aircons not very cold? Regassed couple of months ago. Tonight i had a little visual under bonnet and noticed the air con pipe is freezing cold,to the point of bits of ice on it. But why not through the vents?
  8. deano1978

    help in deciding a colour (alloys)

    So im booking them in soon with a acid dip,shot blasting powder coating specialist,local too,but ive not decided on a colour yet, Any opinions welome...
  9. deano1978

    hows your air con?

    Just wandering hows everyone's air cooling is doing in this weather. Mines not to cool on the afternoon drive. Cooler in the morning.
  10. deano1978

    sorry had to share this

    Beings i have the bigger turbo,fmic,full decat,egr delete,and recently got my final map i noticed straight away fuel IMPROVED! Cruising Around 80 was showing 48-50mpg,was usually 43-45. So today m25 was pretty heavy but flowing,contant 60mph Started getting... Just kept improving Then...
  11. deano1978

    pedalbox throttle responce gizmo

    accelerator tuning engine performance Im thinking this mgt help with throttle response,because there is quite a delay,lag,when changing in most gears,especially high gears. Yay or nay? Fact or fiction? Thoughts....
  12. deano1978

    drive slow,cool air, fast,warm air?

    So,starting notice at fast-ish speeds 70+ the aircon starts warming up? But slowing down and at around 0-50,the aircon is nice and cool. Coolant is full,and a nice red colour,changed about a year ago. Is a flush needed,debris floating around???
  13. deano1978

    cd concert to cd changer,which cable

    As above,which is the correct cable for a 2004 cd single din concert to 6 disc changer. Searched but cant find a dedicated answer.
  14. deano1978

    rear quarter panel smashed

    Grass cutter smashed it (another story for insurance) luckily tint is holding it all together. Autoglass have told me they cant get one,back order from tps,no date! Left to my own devices...mailed a few breakers on ebay but they can't seem to remove the window. I know some sellers have them...
  15. deano1978

    refurbished alloys?

    My 19" alloys are flaking quite bad,the lacquer is coming off on several parts on each wheel. How does a refurbishment work,is it going to cost more to remove lacquer? Or is part of service? I want them back to a polished silver,any ideas what sort of money I should be parting with...
  16. deano1978

    Any tips for scratched window?

    Hi guys,been buggin me now (my rear window) but last winter I scraped it with one of those plastic window wiper cleaners for the frost. well I wiped it several times but forgot my window was filthy,and have loads of faint scratch marks all over it! so any tips on removing light scratches? thanku.
  17. deano1978

    Single din?

    Ok I have the audi concert,and have the b7 multi function steering wheel which at the mo only controls the volume,station and track selections. i like to upgrade to a pioneer unit,will I lose the controls from steering wheel? or does anybody know a good unit that keeps all info and controls...
  18. deano1978

    Tester. Gold alloys. Fmic pic too.

    Some pics of my gold debating hyper silver or this brushed gold. Just rings and alloys will be coloured. and you can also see the fmic.
  19. deano1978

    Stage 2 remap

    So I now have the the bv43 turbo full decat with free flow exhausts egr delete fmic. wasted my time n money with the latest remap. That's another story! so can anyone recommend someone who will be able to fully tune my motor to support the mods above. surrey,South East area? cheers
  20. deano1978

    universal fmic

    Just bought a universal fmic and all pipe work,to try n up the power with my bv43 turbo,full decat,egr delete. Suppose another remap,but i wont b going back where it was tuned to 179bhp !! So my Q is, any advise on installing this fmic...