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  1. IRONy_MAN

    For Sale Eibach pro spacers 20 mm two pcs 66.45
  2. IRONy_MAN

    Alloys swap

    I ve posted this on the sale section on a4b8 but not sure what exposure level has that one. If moderators think this isn t appropriate or wrongly posted please delete it or move it where it belongs. “Hi guys I m after some used alloys for a swap with mine. I have Fox racing Alloys black matte...
  3. IRONy_MAN

    AMI and bluetooth

    Hi All so after reading like an hour about Ami I m still lost so I ve said to myself that maybe someone here can offer a simple answer. How can I get music from my iPhone into my car s music interface? Do I need to buy these bluetooth devices like Viseoo or Bovee around£100 ? Or can I get...
  4. IRONy_MAN

    Wanted S-line three spoke steering wheel complete in very good condition

    As per title I would like to change my steering wheel as I have as factory fitted a Se four spoke multifunction but as the silver airbag inlays started to flake badly I ve managed to paint it black in plasti dip but I m not sure about it. So maybe now is the moment to get another steering wheel...
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    Audi a4 b8 TDI 136 ps manual I m looking for to get more from the engine something like stage 1. Whoever knows someone good around London please let me know . As always all input will be appreciated.
  6. IRONy_MAN

    Manual dpf cleaning on a Ford Transit Bus

    So as the title says I ve done some maintenance on the Buses around the school I work for and wanted to see the battery status,among other things found that the dpf is full and has to be cleaned. I be followed the instructions and for 25 minutes the idle went to 2000 and a strong smell of hot...
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    For Sale 17” Oem Alloys + tyres

    Et47,5x112 tyres arePirelliCinturato p7 in used condition might be ok for this summer as two are decent and two on the limit probably. I have all the covers and safety key. They are painted in gunmetal grey and lacquer has been applied but there are some marks on the surface no welds or cracks...
  8. IRONy_MAN

    A bit lost on ET

    Dear fellows enthusiasts as title says I m a bit lost on the maximum ET or minimum ET should I say as I would like to get some spacers. The story is: 18” alloys with 245/40 tyres and from my OEM 17” ten spoke on ET 47 I went to 32 ET but the wheels are still under so not really flush so the real...
  9. IRONy_MAN

    Tdi custom exhaust

    Is anyone here with a exhaust system custom made? Like pipe welded by skilled people? Anyone @London? Bobby Singh? Manda? Basically I want to get a quad exhaust so I m gonna get the proper diffuser. Thanks
  10. IRONy_MAN

    Turbo failure

    Hi Guys today I ve decided to strip my failed turbo as was standing on my bench for a while. This turbo has failed in Germany in 2017 making my holiday a bit...crap..anyway the symptoms prior failing where the whistle noise(loud when the dpf was cleaning itself) and, start stop didn t work...
  11. IRONy_MAN

    For Sale A4 b8 SE for sale
  12. IRONy_MAN

    Very disappointed how the sell goes

    Hi All as the title says I m utterly disappointed with the sell of my car. Before to take the decision to go for an approved used Audi I ve seen so many articles how about cars like Audi keep a better value for resale and bla bla bla ...for over a month is on Autotrader and zero interest I had...
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    For Sale Audi a4 b8

    Hi all, well the time has come to let my precious to go as the new member of family requires more space and main reason is that my misuse won t touch the car as it s manual and quite low from factory. The car is a b8 se but specked quite decent front sports seats, lowered suspension and wide...
  14. IRONy_MAN

    wheel spacers

    Guys I know was discussed a few times here but still not finding what I m after so if someone has tried or knows more about wheel spacers please jump in..I m after some 10 mm front spacers and 15 mm for back that s one side I ve measured my offset space to the arch and looks good for this setup...
  15. IRONy_MAN

    lowering springs on SE model

    Hello to All,I m just a bit confused about getting my car low. so I ve replaced the 17 ''10 spoke oem alloys with some aftermarket fox 18's and new tyres as well and I've thought that this will give me some nice low look on my car but...not really still sits high...what should I get for to drop...
  16. IRONy_MAN

    A few mods

    Hi to all A few weeks ago I ve fitted and replaced some bits on my car after owning the car for two years. I ve been so 'scared' about starting to work on the car but after having a death in my family I ve decided the life is too short so here we go: I ve changed the drl bulbs with some led ice...
  17. IRONy_MAN

    alloys size and et measurements

    Hey guys I'm still after a set of 18'' for my a4 se and I came across another member of the forum here that has some alloys from an s3. Now I've looked and looked to see how will they fit but to be honest still my A4 has been fitted from factory with sport suspension and I m on...
  18. IRONy_MAN

    S4 exhaust on se Tdi

    Hi all as the title says I m just about to have an S4 exaust fitted to my a4 se tdi. It might sound dumb but better ask than sorry if anyone knows with facts that this should be ok as a swap? I ll keep the dpf in place and basically I ll get half back exaust pipes and boxes plus the quad pipes...
  19. IRONy_MAN

    Car broke down in middle of Germany

    Hi All just dropped by to say that I ve took the car around Europe to visit some people...cleaned the car...v-power Midlle of Germany at 160kmh the car refused to pull...lost all the power but no faults or sensor on the the back my wife with my new born(3 months) managed to...
  20. IRONy_MAN

    Turbo noise under load?

    Hi Guys I was reading this morning@web to see if I can find someone with a similar problem maybe an answer for mine, so: a4 tdi 136 2012 59k on the clock is looking like develops now a rather strange noise under load..2nd,3rd,4th gear. I can hear it well in 2nd gear over 2200 rpm hence my fear...