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  1. ruairi83

    For Sale Lots of Genuine Audi Parts new and boxed

    Have a load of a Genuine Audi /A4 parts here. PM or tag me for reply. Mostly New and unused. Have sold my A4 hence sale. New & Boxed: Genuine boxed Audi LED door entry lights only £12 posted Genuine Audi LED front Footwell lights with wiring. £25 posted Genuine Audi wheel bearing with bolts...
  2. ruairi83

    Sold Canyon run CR15 strut brace - A4 b8/b8.5

    I have a Canyon run CR15 strut brace for the a4 b8/b8.5 if anyone interested. £50 posted to UK Location Northern Ireland
  3. ruairi83

    For Sale Genuine Audi A4 Brake Caliper rear right 300mm + Motor + Carrier - Q5 8R A4 8K B8 Allroad A5 8T

    Genuine Audi Brake Caliper rear right 300mm + Motor + Carrier - Q5 8R A4 8K B8 Allroad A5 8T. Brand new boxes Genuine Audi Item. OEM real right brake caliper with electronic parking brake actuator and carrier. Please check the part number and cross check as I will not be responsible for...
  4. ruairi83

    2002 BAM S3 turbo pipe clips help

    2002 BAM S3 turbo pipe clips help Need the replace the jubilee clip for the silicone turbo to charge pipe. Keeps moving ready to pop off. Any one recommend some jubilee clips for under bonnet of S3 that are correct sizes as might just replace the lot. Thanks in advance
  5. ruairi83

    Fixed Advertisements on every thread after updating account

    Hi, I updated to gold supporter account. Since then, every thread I go into the second post is an advert. Can I remove this in settings? Had a look and cant seem to find how to remove? Thanks
  6. ruairi83

    New A4 BE+ Sepang Blue

    Picked this up just under two weeks ago from Belfast Audi. Brand new A4 tdi black edition plus 177bhp Quattro in Sepang blue. Have did 500miles now and loving it and especially the colour. Think the gloss black window trim, side blade, rear splitter, Mirrors and complete grill in gloss black...
  7. ruairi83

    Which lowering springs HELP

    as some know I Have a 2013 a4 black edition tdi 177 quattro. has anyone pictures of facelift lowered? I use car for work so want to retain comfort and don't want anything crashy. Don't want car slammed. Thinking 30-35mm front and back max. Also want an even spring drop all round rather than...
  8. ruairi83

    RS4 grill b8.5 help

    I purchased a B8.5 RS4 black on black grill from xenonz UK ebay. The parking sensor holes are on top left corner and top right corner of the number plate holder. From checking online and where they are located on my own car. They should be on left middle and right middle of number plate...
  9. ruairi83

    New Black Edition Quattro

    Picked this up on Saturday off Audi peterborough. Drive back to Northern Ireland was amazing. December 2013 A4 tdi black edition 177bhp Quattro. Just turned 10k on drive back. Have to say its Absolutly amazing. These are only pics I got so far. Planing to use some products on it at weekend and...
  10. ruairi83

    2.0 tdi or 3.0tdi

    I'm on the market for a new car and ice narrowed it down to b8 2.0tdi or 3.0tdi. Car will be used for work. Can anyone shed any help. Possibly looking at year from 2011-2013. any help would be great for people who have them. ive drove my dads 2.0l tdi 2012 143bhp and it's remapped to 185 and...
  11. ruairi83

    Passat washer jets retro fit help

    Can anyone tell me if they have Passat washer jets retro fitted to their b7. i thought I seen on a thread that thy fitted. I bought a new set drl be but was wondering if there was a guide as check forum to no avail. cheers
  12. ruairi83

    A4 tdi standard exhaust tips cut and replaced with s4 or twin tips help

    Has anyone cut the standard a4 b7 tdi single exit twin tips and put s4 tips onto one side? Can't find pictures anywhere. I don't want the valance with two single pipes as a lot about I want to just cut my ones and put a straight twin exits to my one... But can't find good twins that will look...
  13. ruairi83

    Swapping instrument cluster coding help

    I've got a friend who had a b5 a4 1.9tdi 1998. He has problem with instrument cluster on car. He has source the same clocks and immo version. i have genuine vcds have coded and enabled things via vcds before but haven't swapped and coded clocks or keys. would anyone have a guide how to do...
  14. ruairi83

    Eibach 50/40 Sportline springs Problem Help

    As some of you may know i put the eibach sportline springs in car. Once in handling was great and much better ride. I let them settle now for about 1.5-2months. In last 2weeks the ride is awful. The front drivers side and rear drivers wheels side in arch perfect. On passenger side the car...
  15. ruairi83

    Which eibach springs help

    I've searched an seen a few threads on eibach lowering springs. But there are no good pics of them on a4. ive got a 2006 b7 1.9tdi sline. sits very high at front and low at back. i would like a nice subtile even drop all round as use car for work. 40mm all round would be nice. Are the eibach...
  16. ruairi83

    Will This S3 part fit my 09 1.9Tdi A3 Sportback

    AUDI S3 STEERING WHEEL BLACK LEATHER MULTI FUNCTION CONTROLS WITH AIRBAG A3 | eBay I wont this above on ebay. Ive got a 4 spoke wheel with no mf. Will this s3 wheel fit my 09 a3 sportback? Will these be much to code etc and do i need anything else? Thanks
  17. ruairi83

    Airbag help needed please

    I bought a 2007 sline steering wheel off NHN. Can anyone tell me if this is correct part no for airbag? 8P7880201H Any help greatly appreciate. thanks
  18. ruairi83

    Gear knob Help on my 2009 A3 sportback

    I have a 2009 A3 TDI SPortback. There is the normal 5 speed gear knob which is awful looking. anyone know part number of sline gear knob or where i could get one? this is knob i want but doesnt anyone know if it fit my one. Original Audi S-Line Gear Shift Knob A3 S3 RS3 8P + Sportback Cabrio...
  19. ruairi83

    2012 Audi A4 TDI Black Edition Question

    My dad just received his scuba blue 2012 Audi A4 TDI Black Edition. Love the car. Are the fogs suppose to be halogen? I thought on the offical a4 advert the fogs where xenon. Any help appreciated. He gona ring sales guy when he gets a chance but just thought id ask on here. will get a few...
  20. ruairi83

    A3 Sportback springs or Sline sPrings help

    ive got a 2009 a3 sportback tdi. Ive been offered 2009 a3 sportback tdi sline springs. whats the differnce in ride height? would they be worth putting in and would they be hard than normal springs? thanks