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  1. Alex C

    Drivers side door catch

    I've seen this mentioned a few times, the door catch doesn't catch which results in the door bouncing of the striker when it's closed. I've checked with VW/Audi and they no longer stock the item (8L2837016B) I was told to look for 'Audi Tradition' and found this...
  2. Alex C

    Audi S3 8L: Bilstein B8 with H&R 25mm Lowering Springs

    Hi Damian, Ages ago I bought this shock and spring combo from you (~2010 i think). I have done 110k since then, the front shocks have been replaced once (so they've done ~55K) but all the other components have done 110k I am looking at replacing all the shocks because they're knackered...
  3. Alex C

    Anyone recognise this?

    My boss just came in from the car park having found this sitting behind my car, anything important? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  4. Alex C

    Inlet Cam Timing

    My car feels flat most of the time; where there should be a lump of torque there just isn't. It seems to idle a little lumpy (recent pressure test showed no leaks) and it sounds as if the engine is strained when i accelerate and particularly on overrun after having just accelerated hard very...
  5. Alex C

    S3 - Rear Adjustable Tie Arms: Lower vs Upper Position

    My car is lowered 1" and I have replaced the upper tie arms with adjustable tie arms to correct the camber after lowering (2010) However, I have always had problems getting the car aligned - when the rear camber is bought into spec the rear toe angle is out of spec (toeing in). I have heard...
  6. Alex C

    Rev hang on throttle blip at idle (not clutch switch)

    Video Link:!AguUp0ayyWg164FGv1Qclo5dTUkVzA Fuel trims: ~{0.5%, 5%} Normal behaviour or is this reminiscent of a vac leak somewhere?
  7. Alex C

    My Foot Says Full Throttle, Computer Says Part Throttle?

    Unmapped S3 8L AMK with AHFabs FMIC Fuel Trims (0%, 3-4%) My car has felt a little flat for ages to be honest. Have tried to track it down and have ended up changing things out for new genuine items but my love for the car is fading. If I blip the throttle at idle it feels like the engine...
  8. Alex C

    After Run Coolant Pump (V51)

    I understand that the after run coolant pump is supposed to run whenever the engine is switched off regardless of coolant temp. However, my pump doesn't always run when i switch the engine off. And for vehicles with air conditioning the pump is controlled by the Fan Control Module rather than a...
  9. Alex C

    LCR Brembo - Thread Repair

    Many a year ago i had some LCR brembo's powder coated by the local monkeys who didn't bother bunging up the brake line in hole and when i pointed it out to them one of them picked up a bolt and wound it into the threaded hole in an attempt to clean it out; obviously he cross threaded it. At the...
  10. Alex C parts database

    seeing auto parts databases on-line from several different sources but all seem to share the same background database. How easy is it to access this database and could have their own parts database which could then be tied to the member base so people could comment on fitment of...
  11. Alex C

    Can I splice the High Voltage HID/Ballast cable?

    TLDR; I have cut the high voltage HID cabling on my standard ballasts after being misinformed that the ballast was broken. Can I splice this cable back together or is it a bit dodgy...
  12. Alex C

    Audi S3 8L Xenon Ballast Replacement

    Hi, Do you know where is best to get a replacement ballast for my headlight? Can you supply them? Are there any worthwhile upgrades I could do (35W to 55W?) Cheers Alex
  13. Alex C

    Expensive/sports car deserve to be vandalised
  14. Alex C

    Sachs Paddle Plate Clutch - Bedding In

    After being reassured over the Sachs SRE paddle plate clutch with the standard cover plate giving an OEM feel I ended up having it fitted; I'm currently on standard 210bhp power levels but I do have plans in the future so I thought I'd lay the foundations for it with a clutch upgrade as it was...
  15. Alex C

    Headlight Splitting

    Hi, The passenger side headlight on my S3 8L (facelift) has moisture inside of it and I think the seal must have been breached? Is this the likely cause of moisture in the headlight or could it be getting in from the back? I was thinking of heating it up to soften the adhesive enough to split...
  16. Alex C

    Audi S3 8l 2001 - LUK DMF Flywheel... from ECP

    Hi, My flywheel has done 140k miles and I was trying to total up the cost of a gearbox refurbish/replacement with clutch and flywheel So I go onto ECP and find that they list two flywheels compatible with my car, both apparently from LUK...
  17. Alex C

    2.0l TFSI Re-bore/hone

    Hi, I have heard that there is a graphite coating to the cylinder walls to help with friction reduction Is it necessary/possible to have this coating reapplied following a cylinder rebore/rehone? What would the consequences be of not reapplying the coating? Would the bore suffer excessive...
  18. Alex C

    Auto watch threads that you are the original poster on

    At the moment, if i want to keep up to date on this thread that i have created i need to manually click watch thread which means i have to move the mouse a good few inches across the desk to click on the watch thread link and then another click to confirm.... we all know that Work Done = Force x...
  19. Alex C

    Audi S3 8L - Door Open -> fuel pump prime

    As title, Should the fuel pump on my Audi S3 8l (AMK) prime when the door is opened as well as on the first turn of the ignition? If it should then I don't think mine does cheers Alex