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  1. itsmeagain

    Looking to buy an S3 sport back

    I sold my A4 cabby earlier this year and now I am looking for a nice S3 sport back. I want a 58 plate or newer and it has to have the bucket seats. I have yet to test drive one but have heard they are good but a little thirsty. Can anyone who owns one give me there recommendations.
  2. itsmeagain

    Damages whilst parked

    Today my car got hit by another motorist who managed to damage my drivers side wing, bumper and headlight. Only good thing about it was that he left his contact details on my windscreen. There was me thinking everyone was dishonest. Lol Any ideas how much OEM Audi replacement parts will cost...
  3. itsmeagain

    EPC and engine management light

    I was driving my A4 1.8t sport convertible yesterday and it lost power, misfired and cut out. Then the EPC light came on and it drove ok. Since then it keeps doing it intermittently. Now the engine management light is on. I know it needs to be scanned for faults but I was just wondering if this...
  4. itsmeagain

    Temp gauge

    I have a 1.8t sport convertible, and the temperature gauge has began playing up. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Any ideas what I need to change?
  5. itsmeagain

    Brake warning symbol

    When I start my car I sometimes get the brake warning symbol light up on the dash. And it makes a warning sound for a few seconds. Then it's ok. But yesterday I got into a boy racer moment on a roundabout with a Seat leon Cupar r, and the brake warning light came on again. Any ideas what it...
  6. itsmeagain

    Manual roof reset

    Can anyone point me to a link how to do this, as I loaned my mate my car whilst I was on holiday and he got the roof stuck open. Last time I did this Audi sorted it out in minutes. Don't really wanna go back to Audi just in case they charge me this time. Lol
  7. itsmeagain

    Door locking

    My drivers door will not lock when I use the remote, it locks everything else apart from that. But it works when I use the key. Any ideas what's the problem??????
  8. itsmeagain

    B7 convertible rear lights

    I have a set of B7 rear lights complete with the adapters that I am going to take off my car. Anyone interested send me a pm
  9. itsmeagain

    Mk1 TT Rs4 wheels

    Will a set of 18" mk1 TT wheels fit an A4
  10. itsmeagain

    Selling my convertible

    I am in the process of selling my 2003 1.8t sport, I don't know whether to remove the RNS-E and Bluetooth and sell these on their own or with the car. Also it has a remote roof module that I may remove then sell the car in it's standard form. Any ideas?????
  11. itsmeagain

    Remote Roof module for A4 Convertible

    I have a spare remote roof module that I will be listing in the classifieds. Never been fitted to the car.
  12. itsmeagain

    B6 Convertible door lock not locking

    My drivers door has stopped locking with the fob, it only locks with the key. Any ideas what this may be?
  13. itsmeagain

    Remote roof

    I recently have had some work done on my A4 convertible and the battery was disconnected. Now my remote roof module isnt working. Does anyone know what the settings are that you need for vagcom as I have lost the manual that came with the module. It's the Kufatec module. Or if anyone has the...
  14. itsmeagain

    Slipping clutch

    My clutch in my convertible has started to slip when I change gear and accelerate. Should I change the clutch and DMF or just the clutch?????:scared2:
  15. itsmeagain

    Drivers door not locking

    Today I locked my car with the remote, it didnt make the usual beep. So I checked it was locked, the passenger side and boot where locked but the drivers side was open. The LEDs didnt start to flash either. So i locked it with the key, this sounded the beep and locked the door. When I returned...
  16. itsmeagain

    Fog Lights

    I have just fitted HIDs to my convertible, and what a difference they make. But now my lower fogs look crap, can anyone recommend a good set of bulbs that will match the HIDs.
  17. itsmeagain

    LED Sidelights

    Today i fitted some LED sidelights, whilst trying to locate the bulb back in the housing with that daft looking white sliding bit. I broke the sliding bit :wacko: Then i realised how easy it was just remove the light, then i dropped the bulb somewhere in the engine bay. Now i gotta replace the...
  18. itsmeagain

    Pulled by the police today

    At about 1.30am today I drove past a traffic car, due to me not having a rear number plate on he decided to turn round and follow me. He drove behind me for a few minutes then flashed his blue lights so I pulled over. The officer pulled along side me and asked me the most stupid question...
  19. itsmeagain

    Convertible roof stuck open

    Today I went shopping to Ikea, couldn't fit the stuff in the boot so I had to drop the roof to fit everything in. Upon opening the roof to take the stuff out, the roof caught one of the boxes and stopped half way between opening and wouldn't close. I was unable to close it so I attempted the...
  20. itsmeagain

    Convertible B7 Rear Lights

    I have a set of B7 rear lights for my convertible, does anyone know how to modify the existing loom so the B7 lights work properly? I know you that you can buy the adapter loom from Kufatec for around £50 but it can be done without this. Any ideas??